The golden phase of the wedding - From the silver wedding to the golden wedding day

All wedding days at a glance: from the 26th to the 50th wedding anniversary

Here you find the silver phase of the wedding days: From the white wedding to the silver wedding.

26th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Jade Wedding Jade is an expensive gemstone. In his green color, he quickly catches the eye and symbolizes the hope. The hope to once again experience as many shared happy moments with the spouse as they have already experienced.

27th wedding anniversary: ​​mahogany wedding mahogany is a dark, very expensive and precious wood. Due to its exclusivity, it can be found in only a few apartments. It is characterized by its particular stability and is therefore very popular among connoisseurs.

Just as a tree grows very slowly and it takes many years for such precious wood to grow, so too does a marriage grow with each year in common and thus become ever stronger and more intense. Suitable gifts for a mahogany wedding, for example, in small pieces of furniture, which are carved from just that wood.

28th wedding anniversary: ​​carnation wedding Those who hear the word carnations usually think of the beautiful, colorful flowers. The carnation puts a lot of gardeners to the test, because it is very popular because of its beauty, but unfortunately it is also very caring. Just as two lovers only really blossom in marriage, so many years later, they have to constantly strive for the partner, so that the marriage continues to bring happiness. For the celebration, of course, is the decoration with the carnation blossom, with cooked dishes, the carnation spice offers.

29th wedding anniversary: ​​velvet wedding Where the term of the velvet wedding comes from is not exactly proven. It is conceivable that the marriage is compared to the fabric, because it is incredibly soft and feels very pleasant on the skin, although it is very tear-resistant. Also at this point the comparison with the marriage can be easily deduced. In a happy relationship, both spouses feel comfortable with each other, they have finally arrived, and even in difficult times, they are not easily torn apart. If guests want to give something to the husband and wife, especially clothes or jewelery made of velvet are suitable.

30th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Pearl Wedding Although the 30th wedding anniversary is special, the term pearl wedding is common to a few. It takes many years for a pearl to grow. This makes them very rare, which is why, apart from their beauty, they are very expensive. Especially for women, this rare piece of jewelry is very popular. The pearl should symbolize the permanence and the duration of the marriage. Especially at the pearl wedding, it makes sense to celebrate this big, with many relatives and friends. As a special gift for this occasion, of course, especially a pearl necklace, but other jewelry with pearls are welcome.

31st wedding anniversary: ​​Lindenhochzeit The lime tree is a deciduous tree, which was frequently worshiped in Germanic mythology. The reason for this worship was the inherent Goddess Freya, the goddess of love. To this day, Linde stands for the symbol of marriage and marital happiness. The linden wedding thus refers directly to two aspects: first, the strength of wood, which is also given in marriage, as well as marriage as the symbol of two people who have found each other forever.

32nd Wedding Anniversary: ​​Soap Wedding The soap wedding captivates above all by its unusual name. Where this comes from, is not known. However, it is likely that this was introduced by soap companies to increase the sales of soap products. The gift for the 32nd wedding anniversary is thus quickly found: A nice piece of soap, made by hand.

33. Wedding Anniversary: ​​Tin Wedding Tin is a durable metal, which must be polished up again and again if it is not to lose its shine. Quite similar is the case with marriage. If they both rest on their relationship and do not deal enough with the partner, they alienate each other permanently. Only a regular effort for the relationship, so to speak constant polishing, can counteract this. A very popular gift, which consists of tin, are the so-called pewter figures.

34th wedding anniversary: ​​Amber wedding The Amber wedding, which is celebrated on the 34th wedding anniversary, is also called amber wedding. As Amber Amber used to be called in German-speaking countries, it can be assumed that the Amber wedding should refer to amber. Amber is characterized by its warm and sparkling color, which is harmonious and soothing. For the decoration of the celebration are mainly amber colored elements, as a gift is jewelry made of amber never wrong.

35th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Canvas Wedding The term "bridal wedding" comes from a time when the couple, after 35 years of a life together, was painted by a painter on a canvas to have a souvenir of that day forever. However, this custom did not last. If you want to celebrate your 35th anniversary, you can choose linen as a tablecloth to refer to the occasion. At the same time, there is still the opportunity to be painted. An ideal gift for the couple would be a voucher for a painter or for a photo shoot.

36th wedding anniversary: ​​emerald wedding The emerald captivates with its bright green, which is why it is very popular. Because of its rare occurrence, it is very valuable. He is considered a symbol of marriage, love and love happiness. Why the 36th wedding anniversary, however, is called emerald wedding, is not known. It can be assumed that this means that a happy marriage is just as valuable as a big emerald.

37th wedding anniversary: ​​malachite wedding Malachite is also characterized by its green color and its enormous strength. If he is examined more closely, different color accents can be discovered. Every healthy marriage should be as diverse as the malachite. For the celebration, it is advisable to resort to green decoration elements.

38th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Fire Wedding Where the name of the 38th wedding anniversary comes from is not known. It can be assumed, however, that love in the long marriage still blazes and flares up, as is the case with a big fire. But if the partner is not treated with respect and honor, one can quickly burn one's fingers on the great love. To celebrate the 38th wedding anniversary, tealights and candles can be placed throughout the apartment.

39th wedding anniversary: ​​Sun wedding Even with the sun wedding, one is not sure exactly where the term comes from. Obviously, however, that the wedding day should refer to the changing weather, in which it sometimes comes to clouds, storm and rain, but also the sun is fighting through again. After 39 years of marriage, there were certainly already difficult periods in which storm and cold prevail, but the sun, warmth and love have prevailed, otherwise the marriage would not have survived the crises.

40th wedding anniversary: ​​The ruby ​​wedding The ruby ​​wedding is one of the wedding days, which should be celebrated especially large in addition to the silver wedding and the gold wedding. The ruby ​​is a fire-red gem, which has become the symbol of the 40th wedding anniversary and the love. At the ceremony it must be remembered that children and grandchildren can be present after 40 years of marriage, so the size of the room must be well considered. If the spouses want to give each other a present, it makes sense that they exchange the stone in their wedding ring with a ruby. In addition, of course, other jewelery with incorporated rubies are welcome gifts.

41st Wedding Anniversary: ​​Iron Wedding The term Iron Wedding is meant to express that marriage is as stable and indestructible as the metal iron. Furthermore, it also alludes to the iron will that is needed for such a long existence of a marriage.

42nd Wedding Anniversary: ​​Garnet Wedding A garnet is a dark red stone that shines and shines in the light. He is very hard, rare and precious, as is the marriage of second lovers. Classically, the 42nd wedding anniversary is usually spent in togetherness, in peace to reflect on the good times.

43rd Wedding Anniversary: ​​Bearing Wedding Lead is one of the most durable metals as it does not oxidize. Just as durable as marriage after 43 years together. Even this wedding day is rarely celebrated on a grand scale. However, if you want to spend this day with friends and relatives, it is a good idea to pour lead and keep a nice memory.

44th wedding anniversary: ​​star wedding Where the concept of the star wedding comes from is uncertain. But since humanity has always been enchanted by the bright lights in the sky, this admiration of the stars can also be transferred to the admiration of the brilliant and brilliant marriage. For this special day, it is advisable to baptize a star after the names of the two married couples.

45th Anniversary: ​​brass wedding Brass is one of those metals that are very heavy and almost indestructible. Nevertheless, it is malleable. Their characteristics are thus also applicable to marriage. This too is gaining more and more in the years to the point of indestructibility, but both partners must remain flexible enough to approach each other again and again. For the 45th wedding anniversary, there are no common customs, but it is always nice when old family albums are unpacked and viewed together.

46th wedding anniversary: ​​lavender wedding The lavender flower is characterized by its strong, purple color and its strong, unique smell. Why the marriage just compared to this flower is not known. However, since lavender is not a rare flower, the flower is particularly well suited for the decoration of the ceremony.

47th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Cashmere Wedding Cashmere is an incredibly soft wool from a goat. Cashmere is a very expensive and high-quality product in our latitudes, so few people can call it a cashmere garment. Just as valuable as Kashmir is, so is the long marriage that has lasted for 47 years.

48th Anniversary: ​​Tiara Wedding A tiara is an elaborate headdress of a woman who is only worn on very special occasions, such as a white wedding. The fact that a woman wears a tiara only so uncommonly rare (some never wear it), this is a very special moment that will forever memorize the woman. Just as special and extravagant is the marriage, because how many couples already exist who have been married for 48 years?

49th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Cedar Wedding Also the cedar is again a wood or a tree. Cedarwood is best known for its very own, own fragrance, which often meets with mothballs or in saunas. Since the wood is very strong and durable, it can be assumed that the marriage is compared with the longevity of the wood. As a gift for the happy couple are products made of cedar or even the voucher for a walk in the sauna.

50th Wedding Anniversary: ​​The Golden Wedding The golden wedding is one of the most important wedding anniversaries that every married couple is looking forward to. Usually this day is celebrated especially big because now the couple has married 50 years ago. For the celebration of the golden wedding, it makes perfect sense to plan this long enough in advance, as is expected with many guests, children and grandchildren.

What should not be missed here is a well-planned program for the day, speeches from friends who might even have been present at the white wedding, smaller games, picture presentations with pictures of the couple and a delicious menu or buffet.

Most couples are also very happy when they are surprised with a decorated entrance. Here it is customary to make a wreath of flowers at the gardener, in the middle may be the large number 50.

Even the party presents may be bigger. Since many of the guests are now older than at a white wedding, most are willing to donate a larger amount of money. Of course, vouchers and gifts are always more personal and romantic than a banknote on a congratulatory card. A nice trip, a cruise, a weekend in a spa hotel, a city break, gold jewelry, opera tickets, all these are potential gifts for the golden wedding.

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