The failed relationship - what you can learn from such!

The failed relationship - what you can learn from such!

Separations and failed relationships are not nice things. That's for sure! But what happens if we look at it from a completely different angle? Let's take a look at what you can learn from broken partnerships!

Learn from past mistakes!

Two formerly loving people do not just dwell on each other, but a relationship end usually has good reasons. Whether it is the constant argument, the cheating, or the disunity - the end is never beautiful. But you can learn from these mistakes that you or your ex-partner made for your future life.

After a failed relationship, you usually only realize what you might have done wrong yourself. So, with accumulated experience and misreading, you can approach a new relationship completely differently. You are aware of sources of error so you can better handle them.

A failed relationship can make you grow!

After all, it's clear that all of our failed relationships shape and shape us. From each one of them, we can draw our conclusions and somehow they all always remain in our hearts. The relationship is clearly not a nice affair that leaves us cold!

Consider events from the positive side! Be proud of being able to survive hard times and resolve conflicts with your ex-partner. As already mentioned, we learn a lot from relationship crises and drawn downs. Above all, we find things about ourselves that enable us to get to know each other in a new way.

Failed Relationship - Life is not just highs but also depths!

As you know, life is not only beautiful, but also difficult times. Life is a roller coaster ride. Heights come to our minds that make us dream, float, fly, and lull us to fall, fall, crash. The art here is never to lose the courage to not give up and to know that after the rain comes again sunshine and maybe even a rainbow.

Escaping the depths is usually not that easy and must be learned. But we have all our life time to make mistakes, risk things, or make decisions, so that we may fall on our heads. Thus, a further development is possible.

The self-love, is clearly the most important love!

After failed relationships, we are often so frustrated that we do not even like ourselves anymore. The accusations, as well as mistakes and a thousand open questions torment us, because at night we can not sleep because of sheer thoughts and feelings chaos. We wonder what's wrong with us and why it does not want to work with relationships. Then we demonize ourselves.

You can never stop loving yourself. Even if your love for other people is dwindling, self-love should not be allowed to happen! It's hugely important for you to be able to hold your self-esteem and assign you a legitimate value.

Failed Relationship - Never Depend on Someone!

The problem with self-love usually occurs when we are completely dependent on a human being. After a break we often do not know how to live without this particular person. That we'll never love and trust like that again, getting to know such a great person, who simply wows us and impresses us, is constantly persuaded by your negative thoughts.

Without the other person by your side, you do not recognize your value and pride. To avoid this critical situation, you should never depend on anyone. To really love, we have to open up, so we build a large attack surface. However, this should be risked for a happy relationship. But one has to be careful, is the possibly arising and really dangerous dependency.

Our life must go on immediately, even after the breakup. The world continues to turn after a heartbreak! Mourning and processing phases are completely natural after separation, but should have been overcome after some time.

Failed Relationships - Listen to your heart and not always the others!

During your relationship, you may have picked up advice and tips from friends and family. That's a good thing, because people who love you give the best advice. In the end, it depends only on what you want for yourself. It is your life and you are in control of this. If you want to keep someone in your life, hold on to it. If not, then not.

Let your heart speak for itself / you and make decisions that you can stand by. Opinions of others are okay, even more than that. They sometimes help us think and weigh more clearly. But as soon as you let yourself be influenced too much, unfortunately this can not be so good for you.

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