Meet the woman who really fits - Why you are still alone

Sometimes it just seems like being bewitched: we just do not get to know a woman who suits us

Somehow, not everything is always that easy. Although we always meet women, but they really do not fit us. The women we have met in the past have had completely different ideas about the future than we ourselves.

We prefer to stay single rather than get involved in something that makes us unhappy in the long run.

Maybe there is not the right one for me?

Who ever meets other singles, where he is sure that these are absolutely out of the question for him, in which one day the feeling may arise that he will probably never find the right person and will stay alone forever.

That, of course, that's complete nonsense, we both know.

Instead, we should rather deal with the question of what it is based on, that you have always met women who do not suit you at all.

Often, this is because we are on the wrong hunting ground. We would like to explain to you what this means.

If you are more into shy women who are very down to earth, have goals in life, and work diligently towards them, you will find this group of women in the nightlife, but not in the desired number. Instead, you're more likely to meet the party-goers, who like to flirt with others and beat the nights around their ears.

If you are looking for a woman who is already firmly in the life and already thinking about starting a family, it would be good to look around not only at the university in the seminars and the refectory.

You want to meet a suitable woman? What do you want from your partner?

Just think about what you expect from your partner. What must she bring with her so that she can be your partner?

Here you should push aside external preferences.

Ask yourself how you imagine living together with your dream woman. Want to get together with your next partner as soon as possible? Or do you want to preserve your freedom despite the partnership? Do you wish that you have a full program every weekend and always a lot of action? Or do you long for some rest and it's enough for you to just brunch together at the weekend? How should she think about children? Would you also be aware of a long distance relationship, or does it have to come from your place of residence?

These questions will help you to become aware of what you mean by "partnership". If you are aware of it yourself, it will be much easier for you to recognize when you meet women directly whether they even fit together.

This in turn means that you save a lot of time. Instead of meeting for weeks, even months, with a woman who wants something completely different than you, you realize straight away that you can not imagine a relationship together and can date yourself with other women.

This not only saves you time, but also saves you from disappointment. After all, if you meet with a woman you do not like over a longer period of time, you will only achieve that feelings build up on your side and you end up making yourself unhappy.

Male friendships can help you find a woman

Whoever wants to get to know the one woman with whom he spends the rest of his life, must not forget the power and effect of his male friends. Often we fall prey to the idea that we are only allowed to date with women. Things that are very obvious, we do not see anymore.

But who knows better who really suits us than our best friends? We spent so much time together with them that they know exactly how we tick. They know us, they know how we react in which situations and we usually recognize immediately which women would suit us well and who absolutely can not.

But most of us are uncomfortable, openly admit that we are not happy as a single. That we feel lonely. That we would like to have a partner. But if we always explain to our friends how happy we are as a single, then it's clear they never introduce us to women they think can be something to us. With this behavior we will never meet a woman who suits us.

So just be honest. Openly admit that you would also like to have a woman by your side. Even if your buddies are all forgiven, they certainly have many women in their circle of acquaintances and who knows, maybe one of them fits you? Possibly also have the partners of your buddies in turn girlfriends who are also still looking?

Become active in your everyday life

When we stroll through the streets outside, hundreds of people meet us. How many times have you dare to speak to one of the women who meets you and pleases you? How often do you look ashamed when a woman glances at you on the train, on the bus, in a supermarket or somewhere else?

Most men always find pretty women in their everyday lives, but they just do not dare to actively approach these ladies. Too big are their fears of the lady giving them a basket or simply pulling away laughing.

How you manage to overcome these fears and also approach women in everyday life, you will find out in our article the radius.

You may soon realize that while these tips are helpful, you are actively too shy to approach women. You just do not know what you can talk about with women or how you can approach them in general.

Then just inquire now for a flirt coaching for men. Our flier experts will show you how to get active, overcome your shyness, and also make it possible to get in touch with strange women. So that you too can finally get to know the woman with whom you will be happy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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