The flirtcoaches help Ralf Kurth to finally find a wife (Teil2)

Here is the second part of the RTL-Punk 12 story "Ralf's last chance":

(Click here for part 1)

After 6 months Ralf reappears, as if from nowhere. What happened? Single Ralf tells about private problems. The opinion of the flirting coaches: Ralf can not get his ass up and would run away as soon as a woman shows interest.

But why does he behave like that? The answer is left to the flirt coach an expert: Hypnotist Simon Aynogu to find out through hypnosis technology, why Ralf runs away in such situations. In a trance, Ralf tells of a negative situation with a girl in his school days. Through hypnosis, the subconscious of Single Ralf could handle the negative experience.

The flirt coaches now want to ensure that Ralf finally gets positive experiences with women. The flirting coaches find a woman named Marina over the internet. They organize a date with the lady. Did the training of flirting coaches help?

Definitely! Ralf gets on really well, gets looser and spends a great date with Marina. The flirt coaches did it! Although there was no happy ending with Marina, Ralf Kurth is now well on the way to find his dream wife soon!

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