The fifth column of author Svea J. Held: "When the air explodes"

"When the air explodes"

Part five of the column by Svea J. Held:

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A stiflingly hot summer evening in the city. Second date, a fancy meal, a few glasses of wine and lively conversations. Every smile from him makes her stomach jump. Every little touch makes the bodies magnetic. As thunderclouds pile up over the skyline, the crackle is almost audible.

There is this very special tension in the air, the skin is tingling all over, the breast wants to burst with desire. Late in the evening, they make their way to the subway as it happens. The sky roars and opens the locks. It's pouring torrents when he can not stand it anymore. In the middle of a thunder rumble he stops suddenly, pulls her close and kisses her passionately. The air is burning to finally explode.

The tension that has been building up for days, discharges in a detonation of emotions. The heart pounding, the lips prickle, the stomach beats wheels. The head does not even try to come after. People run very close to them, want to save themselves from the chill, but the two get nothing of it. They are smooching under the street lamp, protected by the colorful spotted umbrella he holds over them. Enveloped, from her own pink storm cloud.

Hach! Too cheesy to be real? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! A friend has recently laid this perfect Hollywood scene. And the lightning is definitely on. It makes you jump into raptures and reminisces about your first date with your beloved husband, which ends in a kiss orgy until the early hours of the morning. Because nothing tastes better, nothing is more exciting than these first kisses, of which one does not get enough. Where the various amounts of wine and beer, and not just bad tasted and Cupid sure on the jumps helped: courage, bottled. Drunk, drunk with love, limited sane. Gorgeous!

When exactly will these earthquake kisses actually be the evening welcome-to-home bitch? Not that these kisses are not beautiful, but rather have their own intimacy. But the knees do not let them soften.

Sorry, one has to say it. I think it's a big loss that the intense kissing in the course of a relationship takes a back seat. Kissing involves so much closeness, so much attention and so much tingling that we should definitely secure it in everyday life. Maybe someday you will not make a storm, but definitely a warm summer rain.

Tonight I'll open a bottle of wine, light a few candles and seduce my sweetheart - for hours of continuous enjoyment. Only kiss! Just like back then, when we could only part with a bell-like sound.

So: kiss! Point.

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