Forgot the ex girlfriend? How you get over her

Although the split has been going on for some time, you are still attached to it

Outwardly, you're the cool guy who does not care about the breakup. In front of your colleagues and your friends, you do not show how much the separation will bother you. All the more astonishing would be your environment if it knew what it looks like deep inside you.

Since she left you, you feel lonely. Lonely, exploited, left alone. Exchanged by a new one. Especially the last aspect missed you a stroke. Did you value her so little that someone else could simply replace you?

You doubt yourself. Everything. In your appearance, your job, your life. Especially if you can be good enough for a woman.

But your friends, no, they do not know about these dark thoughts. You also do not know that until today, you've saved your ex at WhatsApp to check her profile photo and that you regularly stalk her new boy on Facebook. You seem ridiculous to yourself, but you just can not fail to do so.

The first step in forgetting your ex girlfriend: Be sad

Do not be the tough guy anymore! It does not testify to strength if we reject all feelings and do not allow ourselves to be hurt. Let your grief run free. If you can not handle it, then take a day off! Because hey, that's fine! Also, if you may think that the work distracts you. This may be the case, but if you only spend day and night on your company, it will not make you process the breakup, but you'll soon get burned out.

Just allow yourself for a day to really feel what it's like inside you. Wines (yes, even a man can cry!), Do sports and let your anger run free, listen to sad or aggressive music, do the things you feel like.

The second step, with which you can forget your ex girlfriend: Contact Block!

No contact! We repeat: no contact! From the day of the separation there is complete ban on contact! Why should you continue to see each other?

If there are still things to fix, for example, because she still has things of you with you, then let that regulate a friend. Give her a box of crumb, drop her off at a friend and write to her that you do not want to see her and she should pick up her stuff from Markus. At other calls or messages, you should not even respond. The easiest way to do that is to block her number, as well as her account on Facebook.

Maybe after the breakup, she'll suggest that you can stay friends. Please keep two things in mind right now: women are not saying this because they want to be friends with you. Women say so because they want to calm their guilty conscience. She is glad of God if she does not meet you after the breakup. And now the second point: You hurt yourself with such a friendship yourself. How are you supposed to ever get over them if you still see yourself in your free time?

Explain to her that you are not interested in friendship. Point off.

The third step, with which you can forget your ex girlfriend: distraction!

Start distracting yourself. Sure, after a breakup we do not necessarily feel like going out in the evening and meeting with buddies. But if we sit alone in front of the TV and watch the shabby TV program or look at the pictures of our ex girlfriend on Facebook, this does not help us forget them faster.

Finally, call back to your people that you have neglected too much during the relationship with your ex anyway. Go and have a beer with them, tell them you're feeling sick. You will see: spending time with people you care about is good for us and helps us to feel better.

The fourth step, with which you can forget your ex girlfriend: you are happy!

Be aware that you can lead a happy life even without this woman. You are not dependent on her. You are able to live your life without it. You finally did it before the relationship. You just can not see yourself able to do that because you've been emotionally dependent on her in recent years. You have not maintained your friendships. Maybe you even completely broke off some people's contacts because she did not like the people.

A serious mistake, as you probably now realize. But friends are our friends because they forgive us. Call the old people you've contacted because of her, explain what's up and apologize. They will be glad to hear from you.

The fifth step, with which you can forget your ex girlfriend: she was not perfect!

Recall your negative sides! Honestly, actually, you could never do anything with women, get involved in relationships, and make absolutely no effort on behalf of your partner. How could you still find her attractive in the end? Why has not your constant composure and eternal nagging genuinely put you to flight?

And, in fact, you knew you did not fit together anyway, because she had a completely different idea of ​​the future. It was always clear to you that you wanted to get married and start a family. She, on the other hand, always wanted to be independent, even the shared apartment has cost her enormous overcoming.

The sixth step, with which you can forget your ex girlfriend: Full speed ahead!

Pull the separation force! How it works? Very easily.

She did not want you anymore? Then show her now that there is still a real man in you, after which other women lick their fingers. Show her that you are not dependent on her, that you do not need her to live your life. Start full! Professional, athletic, female: Lead your life the way you always wanted!

Start with building muscle and steel your body, go full throttle at work so you can negotiate for a higher salary in a few months, flirt with women!

The seventh step, with which you can forget your ex girlfriend: Sex!

Sleep with other women! If you have sex, at least do not think about your ex! If you do not feel able to address and meet strange women because you have somehow lost that during your relationship, then install Tinder.

Date your sex match. You will see that your self-esteem increases and you soon dare to approach and flirt with women during the day as well. But beware: Do not confuse this quick, non-binding sex with the great love!

You have successfully processed the separation, but you just can not get to know new women? About Tinder, you just do not find women who interest you, and in real life, are you too timid to talk to women? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our love experts will tell you how to make contact with the opposite sex in the middle of the day, flirt with the ladies and even get their numbers in the end. We look forward to hearing from you.

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