The first column of the author Svea J. Held: Flirting in spite of relationship

"I'm forgiven and date anyway!"

Part 1 of the column by Svea J. Held: Flirting in spite of relationship

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How was that with the first date back then? Try the wardrobe once until you have found the right outfit. Hair, make-up, maybe even in anticipation of singing in the brush. Be punctual, leave the cell phone in your pocket and focus on the conversation with every fiber of your body. Being interested in the person sitting in front of you and being so excitingly new.

Of course you wanted to show yourself from the chocolate side and had all kinds of exciting things to tell. Attention bread, salt and butter, ask for drinks. But why actually wanted and had? Do not you want all this anymore from a certain point in the relationship? Of course you want that. Or you can imagine the common life as one of these nasty stain dwarves from advertising, the cackling cackling, freshly dusted in love until everything is gray in gray?

When the evening greeting fails with a fleeting bussiness and a mumbled "How was your day, I have to iron" or the heart-dove shuffles through the apartment in underpants and flip-flops, it almost requires an archaeologist to unearth the remains of the tingling first moments to transport.

But how can you make the love of love permanent? I think intensive dating is the answer! Always clean up again, listen again and again, always new. Get to know, be interested and be attentive. Oh yes. Of course I'm talking about doing intensive dating with your partner! As? Quite simply: we meet regularly and meet on the spot instead of making our way together.

This may sound silly or cumbersome, but the effect is amazing: I think for a long time with which outfit I could surprise him and am very neat at make up. Usually I get greetings on the spot and a bunch of compliments from my husband. Things that get lost in everyday life quickly and can provide for this horror.

The conversations are also more intense, because one has deliberately looked forward to each other and the evening together. Just like a real first date. And then going home together is almost like having a new conquest. You do not have to dig deep to find the tingle.

I am forgiven and date anyway? Not anyway. That's why! I'm forgiven and date because of that. For now, the rules of dating apply even more if I want to keep the love fresh. So: Date what the stuff holds!

You liked the column? Then look forward to the second part of the column next week, which will be about the common nothingness.

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