What explanation is there for spring feelings? Sun. Sun. Sun

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Interview with 'dasMagazin' about spring feelings

We were interviewed in the magazine 'Lebensstraum' magazine in the Neue Westfälische Zeitung. The topic of the interview was to classify positive signals when flirting and to interpret the connection between spring feelings and feelings of being in love.

The explanation for spring feelings

After starting to say that self-confidence is the most important thing about flirting, we talked about spring feelings and spring in general. We talked about the biological component that plays a major role in flirting in the spring: the sun comes out in the summer, the hormones dance, the crocuses sprout and the mood increases.

Our flirting coach Horst Wenzel explained that flirting is a playful form of "sniffing" and explained how anyone can flirt with you or not. He explained that it is important to pay attention to how your opponent is facing you, in which direction his toe points are turning and if the man is turned with his hip towards the woman.

Horst said that the beer the man holds in front of him could be interpreted as a shield. As a female equivalent here is the handbag that holds the woman in front of him. Other flirt signals are, for example, long eye contact and the triangle view. The woman looks at the man's lips and he looks at hers. Another signal in women, whether they are interested or not, is whether she is running her hair.

Signals of interest in flirting

Another of your counterpart's interest is asking and appreciating your opinion.

Horst explained that it is important to test whether you fit together physically, which would be especially clear when kissing. It is important to pay attention to whether the kiss rhythm is consistent and whether passion arises.

Just like singles, couples can take advantage of spring fever. The warm climate should be used for activities to avoid habits. Another tip is not only to flirt with his partner but also with others. This increases the desire for the partner, but clear rules should be set in the relationship, so that no one on their feet is kicked.

Horst explained in the interview on spring feelings that jealousy in a relationship should definitely be avoided and is the absolute relationship killer.

For singles, it's important to use the Spring Feeling to consider people who are not the dream partner at first sight without losing their claims. *

If you want to better understand and learn the easy flirting in good weather, you can register at Flirt University or book a flirt course directly.

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