The Bundestag Election 2017 - CDU and CSU answer the questions of Flirt University

Slowly but surely, the 2017 general election comes on us.

As always, when it's time to vote again, we suddenly find that we do not know exactly what each party's goals are. Often we do it like our parents or grandparents and simply choose the party we always choose. Or we choose the party of which our best friend is absolutely convinced.

"Those up there, who do anyway what they want", or the similar sound often the desperate cries for help of many citizens when once again announced in the policy, a new decision that does not meet the wishes of individual.

The fact is, anyone who does not vote can not complain later about politics in the country. After all, the one who did not use his or her chance to bring about a change. The fact, however, is the same: just choosing the party where we habitually make the little cross can also end with an unpleasant surprise.

So you can find out which party represents your own interests the strongest, we wrote in our large comparison of the 2017 general election, the largest parties and asked them questions about their policies. The focus here was on family policies for singles and single parents.

Unfortunately, CDU and CSU have spent almost a year to answer our questionnaire, because we already wrote to both parties in fall 2016. It almost seems that not much emphasis is placed on informing the citizen comprehensively. As much has happened in politics in 2017, unfortunately, not all of our questions are up-to-date anymore, including the question of marriage for all. Nevertheless we do not want to withhold your answers.

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