Save the Relationship - What if the partnership is about to end?

You feel that you are about to break up?

If a couple has been through a bad phase for some time, they often wonder if they can still save the relationship or if it's time for a final stroke.

To what extent are disagreements and quarrels normal and at what point does the relationship run badly? Do both still have feelings for each other? And are these other feelings sufficient to survive the difficult phase?

Whether a relationship can be saved depends on many different factors. We want to investigate some cases to help you in your complicated relationship.

What teases, that loves itself

When can a relationship be saved at all?

Whether a partnership still has a chance, always depends on the initial situation. If the partners have just lost sight of each other lately, because little time has been spent together or the job has eaten all their free time, the signs are good that they are getting closer together again by spending more time again take for the partner.

On the other hand, things become more complicated when, for example, there has been fraud in the partnership. Here, the dupe has to ask himself if he can really forgive the One Night Stand or the affair, without that he will always keep this to the partner in the future.

It becomes clear: Depending on what has happened in the relationship and what the causes are, can be worked on these points accordingly or not. Fraud can not be reversed, but normal disagreements can be worked on.

What exactly are the problems with you?

It is important to name what exactly the problems in the partnership are. Is one of them without reason jealous? Is he always flirting with other women? Does she drive him crazy that she does not take time for him? Or are they just talking about each other?

Only when the causes are known can the problems be tackled. The first step in saving a relationship is always to talk more together. Many partnerships fail simply because their own desires and needs or feelings have never been properly communicated.

What is really on your mind? How do you feel when she (apparently) yells at you for no reason? That's exactly what you should tell her. In such conversations, it is important to always work with the first-person message.

This means that by saying "You wrongfully call me" you will only reinforce the conflict, while a sentence like "I feel hurt" expresses your own feelings. Try to communicate your statements in the first person's way as much as possible, so that you make clear to your partner how you feel without attacking him.

It is best if you take a quiet evening for such a conversation, where you both let each other speak to each other and do not blame you, but just tells how you feel and how you are doing it.

Most couples unlearn during their relationship to listen to each other properly. Time to learn this again! A little tip on the side: With a stuffed stomach, we humans are less aggressive, but more willing to listen to others and open ourselves for their arguments. So first dinner together.

Take more time for each other again

Many partnerships are unfortunately eaten by everyday life. This can only be counteracted by taking both a day a week, which is intended only for the partner. Of course, this is ideal for Saturday.

Often, however, this weekday is used for grocery shopping and other organizational things. It is incredibly important that lovers take enough time for each other and, above all, actively use this time. The evenings, where couples are sitting silently on the sofa and staring at the television, can not be counted.

It could be a nice change to meet with friends, have romantic dinner in the evening, visit a zoo together, go to the spa or even take a weekend trip to a foreign city.

The most important thing is that the free time is actively used, because only then both can approach each other again and will also ever feel if they can save the relationship or if it is already too late.

Is there a will to work on the relationship?

One thing must always be kept in mind. If a relationship is to be saved, it always means work. The partnership will not be the same again as it was in the beginning. The prerequisite for one day to get better is, therefore, that both partners have the will to work on themselves and the relationship.

This also means that you may have to change yourself. By that we do not mean that you have to bend yourself for the sake of the partner. By this is meant, for example, that one has to bring his anger under better control in order to speak in peace. If one of them has already given up the partnership, it only makes little sense if the other one still sticks to it and tries to change the situation.

Sometimes a separation can not be prevented

If trust in the partner is no longer strong enough, for example after a fraud or a similarly burdensome lie, it will be difficult to work on the relationship. There are phases in life when it is time to part with the partner to hopefully look to the future again.

Sometimes both partners just pull each other down, even though they have feelings for each other. Thus, there are cases in which only one separation can help, so that both can progress in life. Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best.

You too want to save your relationship, but you fear that she will no longer forgive you? Then you should urgently contact us. In a flirt coaching our love experts take time for you, go through your situation with you and give you tips on how to fight for your partner. We look forward to hearing from you.

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