The best tips to conquer colleagues

Getting up in the morning is now particularly easy.

You jump into the shower, then get ready quickly and are in a hurry to get to the office quickly. You have never felt so good at work. However, this condition has only occurred since the new colleague was transferred to your department. At first you did not notice her.

Only when she brought you paper for your copier did she really catch your eye. Since then, you have often had lunch together during lunch, but each time other colleagues were present. You have realized that you are not only hot on her, but that you have evidently developed feelings for her. You feel a bit like a teenager and are excited every morning.

Overcome shyness

What disadvantages does love have in the workplace?

Before you start with any love actions, you should first be aware of your situation. You have to be aware that not every company likes to see something happen between two colleagues. If something developed between you and her, it may well be that you need to keep your relationship or relationship secret.

Remember, not all colleagues will approve of this. Do you have a pleasant working atmosphere, it can happen, of course, that the others are happy for you and everything else continues to run as before. However, if the situation is already tense anyway and there is a rivalry among the colleagues, it can also happen that people quickly whisper about you.

If it gets really bad, these whispers behind your back can turn into bullying, which makes the workplace hard to endure. First check your situation. In principle, does not your boss object to relationships between employees? Do you have a good relationship with your colleagues and know that they would not interpret your affair or relationship at work negatively? Only when you have clarified these questions, you should approach your colleague.

How can I conquer my workmate?

Since you meet her every day and you will see her often in the future, you should slowly find out how she feels about you. A clumsy flirtation attempt or even an overwhelming confession of love are out of place, after all, you must continue to be professional with each other. If you want to conquer your workmate, you should first pay attention to how she reacts when she sees you.

Does she stay in the corridor to chat with you for a minute? Or does she push out a short "Good morning" and then flits past you? What does it look like when you spend your lunch break with your colleagues? Is she often looking for a conversation with you or does she prefer to talk to the female colleagues who share the office room with her?

When you talk, what are the content of these discussions? Are you just talking about the work and tasks that still need to be done, or has she ever talked about private matters?

All these questions are signs that tell you how close you are. Do you now realize that she treats you the same way as all the other male colleagues, she probably does not care much about you. Conquering your workmate will then be a very difficult task.

By the way, be careful when wearing a wedding ring! Even if you feel that she is flirting with you sometimes, that does not mean that she is unhappy in her marriage or even willing to part with her husband.

What should happen if your affair fails?

Now you realize that she is not completely averse to you. Let's assume that you have a date. You have captured your workmate and you land in bed. Please clarify in advance how you would like to deal with her if she tells you that this was a slip-up.

Can you still look her in the eye? Will you be uncomfortable meeting her at work? If you find out now that you can not stand it, if she ends the thing after a one-night stand or an affair, you should definitely refrain from your idea, to start something with her!

That's how you get closer

You still want to conquer your workmate and are still determined to get to know and seduce her? All right, then you'll learn how to do it now.

First, you should try to build up short, private moments. Above all, you can achieve this by meeting in pairs. No matter if it is the short conversation at the copier or the lunch break for two. If she jumps on it, you can also offer to drive her home, if that is your way home anyway.

The more often you see yourself without other colleagues, the better you can get to know each other and the sooner a certain amount of trust builds up between you, which is indispensable if you want to conquer your colleague. Do her sometimes compliments for her hairstyle or her outfit (more ideas for compliments).

While in a normal flirt it is advisable to indicate sexual interest at an early stage, in your situation you need to have a sure instinct and care. Leave a little more time than when you take them by surprise and you get a basket afterwards. And yet, you must not miss the right point to suggest that you would like to get to know them better.

Just ask at your regular lunches if you do not even want to make an appointment for dinner. If she tells you that she has a lot to do at the moment and that she does not fit into the schedule, you know that she does not want more than friendship. She has told you in a very friendly and polite way that she would like to leave her with the status of "only colleagues" and you both can get out of this situation without anyone having to be ashamed of something.

Even subtle efforts can help you conquer the heart of your workmate or workmate, or at least his or her bed.

You really want to conquer your workmate because you're totally in love with her, but you do not dare? Also, do you rarely see her working in a different department and you always miss the time to ask her for a lunch? In a flirt training for men our flirt coaches will help you further.

Together with you, you will go through your situation step by step and discuss with you how best to proceed. In addition, they practice with you how you can address women, overcome your shyness and become more self-confident while flirting. So you have it easier with your colleague.

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