The best tips for a nice weekend with the partner

With these tips you will make yourself and your partner a nice weekend

For many couples, the weekend is the only time of the week when there really is time for the partner. Especially people who live in a long-distance relationship know this problem.

Reason enough to start thinking about the upcoming weekend and buy tickets / reserve seats / invite friends to prepare for a nice weekend. We've collected 96 ideas for you to make a nice weekend. In addition, you will find many more tips on what you can pay attention, so Saturday and Sunday are really relaxing for you.

So you make a cost-effective, nice weekend in your own home or the surrounding area

  1. Go shopping together for high quality food and cook something delicious
  2. Puzzles together
  3. When did you last play board games?
  4. Take a look at pictures from previous holidays on the laptop
  5. Think about what you still lack for your apartment and create a list accordingly on Amazon
  6. Make yourself a bottle of red wine, cut a good cheese and just talk to each other
  7. Watch your favorite series together
  8. Play together or against each other on the XBox / Playstation
  9. Walk together through the forest / around a lake
  10. Chained your designed love castle to a beautiful place
  11. Browse the Internet and think about where to go on your next vacation ...
  12. ... and be on the lookout for cheap flights and accommodation and book an offer if you find something good.
  13. Of course, if you are athletic you can also go jogging together ...
  14. ... or get the bikes from the basement and do a little tour ...
  15. ... Alternatively, you can reserve the tennis court and play against each other ...
  16. ... or go inline skating together
  17. Form together by watching interesting documentaries on Youtube
  18. Just let a kite fly on a windy day
  19. Create a photo album with the most beautiful pictures of you ...
  20. ... if you are dissatisfied with your holiday pictures: edit them together on the laptop
  21. Take a leisurely stroll through a flea market

Maintain contacts - strengthen friendships

  1. Going out to dinner with your friends in the evening
  2. Organizes a "Crime Dinner" with friends or family
  3. Invite your grandparents for coffee and cake on Sunday
  4. Make an appointment with your siblings / Visit your siblings in the other city
  5. Grab provisions and go hiking with your friends
  6. Buy grilled food, prepare salads and invite friends for a barbecue
  7. Going out with friends Bowling
  8. Billiards / darts are exciting and too rare
  9. Visit an escape-the-room
  10. Run geocaching with friends
  11. Go to a karaoke bar with your friends
  12. Why not organize a game night on a grand scale?
  13. Or visit the village festival / fire brigade party with the whole group?
  14. A brewery tour is especially fun in larger groups
  15. Together with your friends or other couples you can play great paintball ...
  16. ... or laser day, if it should be painless.

Big things to do for a nice weekend

  1. Visit a thermal bath
  2. Drive together Kart
  3. A bit wilder than karting is the ride on the quad
  4. When the weather is fine, the outdoor pool ...
  5. ... or alternatively the lake
  6. Visit a stalactite cave
  7. Go to a climbing gym
  8. Amusement parks are also something for adults
  9. Have you been to a tattoo convention before?
  10. Bouldering is now very trendy
  11. Buy tickets for a concert
  12. How about cards for the home game of the local football club?
  13. Maybe there will be a poetry slam in your area?
  14. Visit a museum that interests you thematically
  15. Pretzel and visit a casino
  16. Go shopping together
  17. Visit a castle or a castle near you
  18. Visit a play ...
  19. ... and then go to a hookah bar
  20. Alternative to the theater: A well-known musical like Lion King or Dance of the Vampires
  21. How about a wildlife park?
  22. Rent a boat at a lake and ride a round together
  23. Alternatively, you can get tickets for a cruise that lasts for several hours and where you are served with spaghetti or other delicacies
  24. Go to a zoo together
  25. Strolling over a Christmas market
  26. Trampoline halls are not only fun, they also put us into our childhood
  27. Have you ever been to a planetarium?
  28. Go to the minigolf together
  29. What would a romantic weekend be without a candle light dinner?
  30. How about a fun bath?
  31. Agreed with the photo studio on site to make an appointment and take romantic pictures of you
  32. Are you at festivals? If so, then look for the right festival for the summer and buy tickets as long as they are still available
  33. A couples massage is not cheap, but it brings pure relaxation
  34. Why not go to a fair again?
  35. Visit a trade fair near you that interests you. Trade fairs do not always have to be purely business related!
  36. Why do not you attend a dance class? It could not be more romantic!
  37. Visit the most famous sights of your city
  38. In a high ropes course you are busy for several hours
  39. Why not skating together?
  40. The normal cinema visit is quite boring for many. How does it look like with a drive-in movie instead?
  41. Alternatively, you can visit the sneak preview and be surprised which movie is shown
  42. Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
  43. Think about whether you want to take a short trip to a foreign city
  44. Have you ever visited a city tour in your own town? If not, then it is now urgently time!

Here it is culinary to the point

  1. Go brunch Sunday morning (Attention, make a reservation) ...
  2. ... or ring in the weekend home with a champagne breakfast
  3. Try the new Spaniard in your city
  4. Visit a cooking class for sushi
  5. Get recipes on the internet and produce chocolates yourself
  6. In the summer you can make ice cream instead of chocolates
  7. Dinner in the Dark - The meal in complete darkness
  8. Pack strawberries, sparkling wine, chocolates and maybe sandwiches to have a picnic in the park
  9. Bakes a delicious cake
  10. In winter you can also make mulled wine yourself
  11. In summer, however, even mixed cocktails are offered
  12. How about a wine tasting?
  13. Or alternatively a whiskey tasting?
  14. It does not always have to be huge ventures. Find a nice café and enjoy coffee and cake for two.
  15. A campfire, that has charm. Combine it with stick bread and grilled marshmallows.

What if different ideas about leisure activities prevail?

During the week there is usually very little time left for the partner. During the day we are at work, after work typical things such as shopping, authorities, laundry and other chores are done. There is not much time for romance. If the couple does not even live together and therefore does not have the option to see each other every day, the only contact options are the phone call and small messages at WhatsApp.

Reason enough for many couples to come up with special ideas for the weekend and enjoy the two days off to the fullest.

However, there are also regular discussions when planning the weekends, especially when there is a different idea of ​​perfect leisure time in the partnership. If one wishes to relax by having a good night's sleep in the morning and having breakfast in peace, while the other prefers to set an alarm clock to have as much of the day as possible, this can certainly cause friction.

"Compromise" is the magic word here. Similar to vacation planning, there are also two types of people on weekends. Some prefer not to do anything and love to relax on the couch, in the garden or on the balcony, while the others can switch off when they are on the move, meeting friends or doing something else. In order for both to get their money's worth it is advisable that compromises be made.

A compromise could be, for example, that on a weekend the couple goes out a lot, meets with friends, evenings in the pub is arranged and for the Sunday is a museum on the plan, while the upcoming weekend is very quiet. An alternative may also be to do something on Saturday, after all, Saturday is a weekday, so everything is open as usual, while you use Sunday to relax, watch a series and order pizza.

It is important that both articulate their needs and wishes regarding the weekends, so that the weekend is perceived by both as restful.

A nice weekend for two means for many to go away together

Of course, a weekend is short. But especially in the spring there are a lot of holidays. If a bridge day is taken, the two days off will be spent four days off, which can be used for a short break. Here, especially cities or places are recommended, where the journey does not take too long.

Great cities that can be reached more or less quickly depending on where they live within Germany include Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Bruges, Prague or Zurich.

Often it is also worthwhile to look for cheap flights. Flights within Europe take no more than a drive to a more distant city. For most lovers, the highlight of all city breaks is of course Paris. But London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Seville and Vienna have their charm, which should not be underestimated.

Of course, Germany also has beautiful cities to offer that are perfect for a nice weekend for two. Have you ever been together in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne or the capital Berlin?

Even places like Lake Constance, the Black Forest or the North and Baltic Seas attract thousands of visitors every year, and not without reason!

City breaks have the great advantage that boredom never arises here. During the day you can just stroll through the streets, make the shopping mile insecure, have a nice coffee, walk through the parks, visit museums or focus on the main attractions of the city, while having dinner in the evening and of course the option is open, to pull through the pubs.

Again, we advise you not to do too much. In a few days you will not be able to get to know every corner of the city, visit any museum and try out any restaurant. Instead, confine yourself to the things that you really feel like rushing instead of rushing all the sights in no time and being as stressed in your getaway as it already is during the week.

We usually have a nice weekend, if we do not make too much

Often weekends are like real leisure stress. This can be avoided by not doing too much and above all by not doing things at the weekend that we can check off during the week.

A small example of this: Of course we do not necessarily have the greatest desire to do the weekly shopping or to throw in the household after work. Often we lie down on the couch and think that these things can wait until the weekend, especially since we have more time at the weekend anyway.

The result of this way of thinking is that we get up early on Saturday morning, moan about the long queues at the ticket office at Lidl and Aldi, then we wash our car, mow the lawn, cook something quickly and then it's 5 pm again. So far, we had nothing at all about our time together with our partner and the nice weather. Instead, we just worked and toiled.

Of course, we now have the liberating feeling of having done everything necessary. But honestly, would not it have been better to spend the whole day with the girlfriend / boyfriend?

And all because we have put off the unpleasant tasks during the week and saved us for the weekend, instead of doing this directly.

It is much more relaxed when we do these annoying duties when nothing is planned with the partner anyway. So we have more time at the weekend and we can enjoy this relaxed for two.

How much time to spend with friends and how much time only for two?

Everyone has different needs and every couple is different. While some couples prefer to spend their weekends only in twos and enjoy every moment of togetherness, others prefer to enjoy the time with the same circle of friends.

Again, it is advisable that you speak openly with each other, which ideas you have from your weekends. Not everyone is a family and enjoys spending Sundays with their partner's grandparents. It's about being open, honest and easy to approach if we want something different for the weekend.

A nice weekend for two does not save a relationship, but provides a good base

Whether a partnership holds and has real future potential, decides not on the common weekends, but on whether the couple in everyday life during the week harmonizes. Because the weekend is always a kind of state of emergency, while everyday life is the rule during the week.

Nevertheless, a romantic and beautiful weekend naturally helps the couple have the time to reflect on each other again to start the day stronger again.

When exactly a couple feels a weekend as particularly relaxing, such as when it drives away together, meets with friends or just spending time together in the garden, each pair must find out for themselves.

What if on the weekend annoying obligatory visits are on the agenda?

A great kinship can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Of course, it's nice to see all the faces again at family gatherings and to chat together about gardening at the job, planning the future, etc. At the same time, it can be extremely exhausting when almost every weekend a birthday is due.

This case occurs when both partners have a great relationship. It quickly comes to the sensation that there is no time left for family evenings for evenings with friends or just for two.

Let us assume that we are again faced with such a situation. We were looking forward to a nice weekend with the partner. In the morning we wanted to go brunch together, then stroll through the city and for the evening was a movie night with friends been considered, we have not seen in a long time.

And then there's the second cousin's birthday, which always invites only relatives, as she's always short of cash and hopes for generous cash gifts.

We are torn between a sense of duty and our original planning.

You want to know our personal opinion? Especially with working couples, it quickly comes to the phenomenon that they are planned on the weekends months in advance. If you have already planned your beautiful weekend and really looked forward to it, then you are not obliged to torment yourself for a birthday you do not feel like.

But what you have to do is cancel. The host finally wants to know how many people he can count on. The simple reason "We are already planned, I'm sorry" is enough. You do not have to justify that you want to take time together, spend a nice weekend with the partner and you just do not always want to judge by the wishes of others.

Here you have to set your own priorities, even if this may offend someone else for the next two weeks.

And now we wish you relaxing days and of course a nice weekend for two!

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