The 17 best things to do for the first meeting

Well, already excited at the thought of your date?

The first date is always something nice. We are a little bit upset, a tingling sensation goes through our body and we run restlessly through our apartment. Similar to a lecture, the job interview or the crucial interview with our bank advisor. Only that this time it is a positive excitement. A kind of joyous excitement.

We have exchanged several messages and it is clear that we will meet. This Saturday. Only what exactly we want to do, that is not yet clear. So that you do not face each other embarrassed on the day of your date and do not know what you can do, we have collected for you the best suggestions for things to do for the first date.

Cooking together is perfect for getting to know each other

Especially for the first meeting is nothing better suited than cooking together. Why? First of all, this will help you quickly find out if you have a similar lifestyle. What does the other respect for his diet? Does he cook with butter, cream, cheese and bacon? Does he or she look for fresh vegetables? Are we dealing with a vegetarian? Does meat always have to be on the table for it to be a proper meal? In short, have a similar taste?

The further advantage is that our hands are busy. The more nervous we feel, the less we know what to do with our hands. In your pocket? Cross in front of the chest? The Merkel rhombus?

When cooking, we do not have to ask ourselves this question. We wash and cut the vegetables, stir, spice, etc. This also has the pleasant side effect that we can talk all the time without being stared at. We just get to know each other on the side.

How about bouldering?

Bouldering, is not this climbing that is currently on everyone's lips? Correct. Bouldering is only at altitudes where there is no need for backup, as nothing can happen. Bouldering is especially fun when you've never bouldered before. But even if one is an absolute professional and the other is still a total beginner, bouldering is a great undertaking for the first date.

Not only are you busy here, you can also exhaust yourself. And that is exactly what you need at your first meeting. Because who is excited, whose adrenaline is increased. This is also the case, for example, prior to the conversation with the boss.

Usually we try to reduce this surplus energy by inconspicuous fidgeting. We nip from one foot to the other, we wave our hands wildly around, twitch uncontrollably when sitting with our leg or otherwise make strange movements.

Only that such a thing does not arrive well at the date. Then you would rather break down the adrenaline during physical activity.

However: Of course, during bouldering you can not talk in the intensive way that would be possible in a beer garden or in a café. You can remedy this by simply having a snack together afterwards. Sports are hungry anyway.

No joke, go hiking together!

Of course, you should not pick a blatant route where you have to go over hill and dale and almost break your legs several times. However, walking or walking together also offers the advantage you have when cooking: You are busy and do not stare at the whole time, so that it comes to a strange atmosphere.

However, so that you do not just wander confusedly around the area, you should choose a specific destination to which you want to walk. Maybe a good restaurant, a castle, a lake or something else that attracts you?

Alternatively you can also geocaching. When geocaching, your phone suggests hidden targets that you need to visit.

If you like a lot of hustle and bustle: off to the fair or the amusement park

Hustle and bustle goes on fairs and amusement parks ago. Between the scent of roasted almonds and cotton candy sounds in the distance the excited yelling of the passengers on the attractions.

But beware: In sunshine in the holiday season or on weekends must be expected with long lines in amusement parks. And even many a funfair attracts numerous visitors on a Saturday evening, so that relaxing strolling is no longer possible, but we have to move in the direction in which the mass urges.

More tips for things to do

In general, we recommend that you agree on a general direction for the company on the first date. Should it rather be sporty and energetic? Then the following things might be right for you:

  • Visit the Gokart Bahn together
  • When were you last bowling?
  • How about minigolf?
  • Drive to the lake and rent a pedal boat there
  • Play a round of tennis against each other

Maybe you are more culinary on the way? Then you have the following options in larger cities:

  • How about a brewery tour?
  • Alternatively, the wine tasting attracts
  • If you like Asian food, you can take a sushi cooking class
  • Did you know that in candy factories appointments can be arranged and you make your own candy?
  • As an alternative: Grill with you in the garden. Prepare together two different salads and other side dishes, put a little cold beer and get to know each other in a very relaxed atmosphere

In addition, you can of course always look out for small, free concerts, street food festivals, poetry slams and similar events keep your eyes open.

Last but not least, we would like to give you the following advice: Do not go crazy. For example, if she's directly suggesting visiting a cute cafe around the corner, then do it! Get rid of the fear that the first date must be absolutely extraordinary and breathtaking, so that you will see yourself a second time. It is important instead that you both feel the same activity and you are sympathetic.

Because the most beautiful things do not help, when two people meet, who do not fit together, are completely different and can not do anything with each other.

You do not generally lack suitable activities for the first date, but you generally need tips on how to get in contact with women? You are very shy and can barely hide your nervousness?

Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our love experts show you how you can actively approach the opposite sex in your everyday life, flirt and get the mobile numbers of beautiful women. So you too will be happy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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