The 15 Best Wedding Traditions - Every wedding is perfect!

In the following article we list the 15 best and most popular wedding customs that you can prepare as a bride and groom for your wedding or as a guest for the newlywed couple.

Wedding customs, No. 1: Tin cans on the car

You hear it over and over again, a car with loud tin can clatters drives through the city and the whole wedding party follows them with a loud honking. This custom is already very old and was originally intended to drive out evil spirits.

Wedding Customs, # 2: sawing a tree trunk

When the couple comes out of the registry office or church after the wedding, they are put in the way of a wooden post or tree trunk. These are the two lovers now sawed to face the first common challenge of their marriage.

Important: If you want to plan this wedding custom for a future couple, be careful not to take the thickest log that you can find. Finally, the couple should not be completely exhausted and the bride should not ruin her dress!

Wedding customs, No. 3: Flower children

When the bride and groom walk out of the church, there is the tradition that children (usually) of relatives run in front of the couple and scatter flower petals on the floor. This tradition goes back to a pagan custom. Through the fragrance of the flowers fertility goddesses are to be attracted, who should present the bridal couple with offspring.

Wedding customs No. 4: The wedding dress

The wedding dress is traditionally in white. This is to symbolize the virginity and purity of the bride and is chosen jointly by the bride, mother and / or a friend. The highest commandment of the wedding customs is that the groom may not see the dress of the bride before the wedding.

This tradition is based on a superstition that states that demons in the presence of the groom might cast evil glances at the bride, causing misfortune.

Wedding Customs No. 5: Throw the bridal bouquet

The bride throws the bridal bouquet at different times: after the wedding, after the celebrations or when leaving for the honeymoon. All unmarried women are trying to catch the bridal bouquet. The one who succeeds will, according to ancient beliefs, come under the hood next.

The bridal bouquet is usually provided by the groom. Many brides even want two bouquets, one to throw and one to keep as a reminder.

Wedding Customs # 6: The Bride Kidnapping

One of the most famous wedding customs is certainly the bridal hijacking. The bride has the task to take care of her bridal bouquet, because who succeeds in "stealing" them, "steals" the bride as well. She is now hidden by friends in one of the surrounding taverns and the groom has to go in search of her.

However, it should be considered whether it really is in the interests of the bridal couple, if the two are missing for a few hours at the party. After all, the couple has paid a lot of money and would certainly like to spend this time together.

Wedding Traditions # 7: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for the bride

This custom is originally from England. The different things have different meanings:

Something old is usually a family heirloom, which fits into the wedding outfit of the bride. It can be, for example, jewelry, an old veil or even just a tissue handkerchief. It should symbolize the marriage of the bride to her family and stand for a long duration of marriage.

Something new can just be something new. This can be bridal gown, shoes, jewelry, gloves, the flowers or even the rings. The new is a symbol of the new life that the couple starts together.

Something borrowed can be lent well by friends or even by a family member. It symbolizes the support the bride experiences. If an already married friend lends something to the bride, then the happiness of her marriage can be transferred to her, according to the faith.

Something blue symbolizes loyalty, purity, honesty and love according to ancient custom. Often brides use the garter to add something blue to their outfit. But it can also be a flower in the bridal bouquet or jewelry in the hair.

Wedding Customs # 8: Cutting the wedding cake

The joint cutting of the wedding cake should represent the cohesion of the marriage. It is said that the one who has the hand at the top has the trousers in the marriage.

Wedding customs No. 9: The bachelor or stag party

In today's time, a bachelor party is a reason to hit home again. The groom goes with his buddies a drink and the bride with her girls. The most important thing is that the fiancee is under no circumstances included.

In the past, the matter was more serious and organized by the bride's father. The custom originating in England dictated that the bridegroom should make speeches on the meaning of the marriage that evening.

Today, there are no speeches as tests, but little funny games at the expense of the future bride / groom. In men, a stripper is often involved. The farewell usually takes place one to two weeks before the wedding. In general, there are no limits to the imagination when designing it.

Wedding customs No. 10: The wedding reception

The wedding reception is often the day before the wedding and should give acquaintances and friends the opportunity to congratulate the future couple, even if they are not invited to the wedding. As a rule, only one appointment is announced by the couple and they hope that as many guests as possible will appear. They also provide food and drink.

Previously, the hen party was organized to drive out evil spirits before the wedding. For this, old porcelain was smashed.

Wedding Customs # 11: Throwing Rice

When leaving the church or the registry office, the bride and groom are pelted by the guests with rice grains. This custom originates from Asia and is said to bring fertility and blessing to children.

Nowadays, throwing rice is forbidden in many churches to avoid wasting food and avoiding the risk of injury. In addition, pigeons and rats are attracted by the rice grains. Anyone who would like to incorporate this custom into his wedding should discuss this in advance with the community or the ministry.

A great alternative is provided by bubbles that are blown up by the guests. They are also beautiful on photos. Symbolically, they represent the hopes and dreams that should be fulfilled for the bridal couple.

Wedding Customs # 12: The Trellis Standing

Here, the wedding guests face each other in two rows and form with their hands a tunnel through which the bridal couple must go through after his wedding ceremony. The corridor should symbolize the first common way into the future. The guests honor the newlyweds and encourage them in their marriage.

Wedding Customs # 13: Wear the Bride over the Doorstep

This is probably the best known of the wedding customs. It is common for the groom to carry the bride across the threshold to the common apartment. In the past, the belief was that evil spirits lurked under the threshold. If the groom wears them, they can not harm her.

The custom of wearing the bride is now often incorporated at various points in the wedding. There are no set rules anymore and it is considered a loving gesture of the groom.

Wedding Customs # 14: Cut a bed sheet

This "game" is probably more in the category of modern wedding customs. Here a bed sheet with a heart shape is prepared by the guests and held after the wedding of 2-4 guests.

The task of the bridal couple is to cut out this form with nail scissors. Then, when the task is done, the groom carries his bride through the cut out heart shape. This wedding custom often provides fun at weddings.

Wedding Customs # 15: Recognize groom

It falls into the category of wedding games rather than wedding customs, but definitely ensures good entertainment among the guests.

The game will show how well the bride knows her husband. She has to leave the room and there are bridegroom and 4 other men side by side on an increase (eg stage, pedestal, chairs, etc.). The task of the bride is now blindfolded, only on the legs and feet to recognize her groom. Of course all men have to tense up their pants and take off their socks.

Of course, the wedding game can also be modified. Another fun option is, for example, recognizing the groom's ears or little finger.

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