"Deutschraps Zukunft" - Nimo releases its debut album at Universal in June


In early 2017, Nimo was on the JUICE cover before the first album. The success story of the young rapper is unprecedented. On June 16, he releases his debut album "K! K!" At Universal Urban.

Nimo was born in 1995 in Karlsruhe, after his parents came to Germany from Iran. He goes to kindergarten and attends school. In the afternoons, people either kick or pedal. But eventually comes the "shit" to do so. Small pranks become bigger crimes.

When Nimo is 15 years old, he has to go to juvenile detention center - and is spending his 16th and 17th birthday there. While he's sitting, he scours through the prison-owned computer, where all the music of the inmates is stored. The album, which changes everything forever is "Music And Me" by Nate Dogg.

In 2014, Nimo is free again and begins to rap. From now on he does not want to be a cracker anymore, but an artist. But how do you make music when burned down so you do not have the money to pay for a studio? Nimo is filmed while raping with the smartphone. The recording of "I'll do it like ..." finds its way to the Internet and eventually lands in the mailbox of Celo & Abdi. The two Frankfurters are immediately impressed by Nimos Style and take him under contract.

Nimo - LFR (The Music Video)

The track "Never Again" makes Nimo famous overnight. A piece of music that came when no one expected it, the Strauss can do it differently. "Never again" put an end to the drugs and the alcohol. A song like a dialogue with itself, torn between good and evil. "Never again, Mama, I'll never swear again, " Nimo rapped, hitting a nerve:

Over 12 million copies of the associated video have been clicked since the release. The accompanying mixtape "Habeebee" climbed to number 10, stayed in the German charts for eight weeks and sold 20, 000 units. Mind you as a digital release - without promo, without interviews, without the obligatory deluxe box.

New album: Nimo delights his fans

Nimo is not just another street rapper. Because he does not endeavor to exaggerate hardness or glorify a nonsensical image, but is just a boy next door. From his advance, he has made a new mountain bike.

Humble and grateful for the opportunity he has received - because he knows that it is not a matter of course. Thus, the 21-year-old takes a special position among the German junior MCs, yes, even more: He is a kind of figurehead of this generation, the Internet and streaming portals knows no more limits to their music, the charts and playlists dominates, without Great effort on past idols passes by and is just getting ready for the changing of the guard.

Nimos debut album "K! K!" Will be released on June 16, 2017 at Universal Urban.

Photo: Check Your Head / Universal Urban

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