The female orgasm: what happens when she comes?

The function of male orgasm is known.

The orgasm of the man has the function to fertilize the sperm of the egg of the woman and to produce small offspring. Because of this, men have no problem getting in during sex. For the climax of man is a necessity to secure the continuity of mankind.

Things are different for women. Also for her, the orgasm feels incredible. Unlike men, however, they do not necessarily have to be pregnant. What happens during the climax in the man is clear, but what is actually happening in the female body?

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At the beginning, the woman is agitated

Before a woman comes to orgasm, she is once excited. Excitement can be caused by kisses, massages and touches. The more excited she is, the easier it will be to get to the climax later. The easiest way to tell if a woman is agitated is to insert his fingers into her vagina. If she is very wet, she already feels like having sex. In addition, the labia and the clitoris swell.

During sex, all the muscles in the abdomen tense more and more. During the climax there is a sudden relaxation of all muscles.

Scientists distinguish between clitoral and vaginal orgasm in women. The clitoral orgasm, as the name implies, is created through stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoral orgasm is far more common than the vaginal one. Although the clitoris itself looks very small, the organ is much larger than previously thought. The length of the clitoris is as much as 11 centimeters.

The more sexual experience the woman has already collected, the easier it is for her to get an orgasm during sex. Because over time she learns which touches she is most responsive to and what stimulates her the most.

Although not recognized by science, the female orgasm also has a function: It increases the possibility of becoming pregnant. If his sperm are not of the best quality, the orgasm ensures even greater secretion of vaginal secretions. As a result, the lubricity is increased and the sperm more easily reach the egg.

What if she does not come to orgasm during sex?

As already mentioned, women have far more problems getting to the climax. What can help is when the woman is training to get an orgasm. The easiest way to do this is to masturbate.

The woman has the opportunity to explore for herself with her fingers and a vibrator, which movements she likes and which hardness she needs to get an orgasm. It probably lasts a long time the first time until it comes to masturbation. But she regularly tries herself out, she needs less and less time to reach the climax on her own. Also, she can find out which head cinema also helps her to feel faster satisfaction.

If she succeeds in having an orgasm in masturbation, she will reach her climax during sex as well.

By the way: Few women come through pure penetration. Do you especially like to have sex in the doggy position, neither does he touch her while her clitoris nor herself, which explains why she never comes in a doggy. So it is always necessary that she either stimulates herself with her fingers while still having sex on her clitoris, or her partner. Whatever works, but requires some practice, is that it rubs on its body during penetration to stimulate its clitoris.

Stress and internal pressure prevent any orgasm

Men use sex for stress management. If they have a lot of trouble at work, sex is a welcome way for them to distract themselves. Things are different for women. Women often find it very difficult to shut down completely during sex. So it happens that they are mentally during the sex with him just when cleaning the windows, at work at work or in child rearing.

Even more problematic is the issue of orgasm when it has stress. If she is mentally in the fight with a friend or thinks of her choleric boss, it is a wonder that she even gets involved in the sex with you.

However, at such a moment, a climax is out of the question. Also, when a woman puts herself under pressure to necessarily reach an orgasm, the real chances of losing it are diminished. It is helpful if she really tries to switch off and also frees herself from the inner compulsion to have to come to a climax on every lap.

It's perfectly normal for women to not always peak. Come sometime, this event is all the more beautiful. This can also be promoted by an extra dose of attention for the clitoris. Meaning: Before he comes to pleasure, it can, for example, procure her oral satisfaction or at least advance to the stage in which she is about to arrive.

Again, all important short and sweet: If a woman does not have sex, that does not mean that she does not like the sex or she even finds him bad. Nevertheless, this is in the long run, of course, a great pity for a woman.

It can be helpful if she finds out for herself by self-satisfaction, which touches her promise. The more often she achieves an orgasm through masturbation, the easier it will be for her to come to a climax during sex. Keep in mind that pure penetration will not be enough to create that wonderful feeling in it. The use of your hands is needed.

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