The unusual Lifehack to simply get rid of lips herpes. Does it really work?

Many know him, nobody likes him: herpes!

Small bubbles on the lip, which not only look ugly, but also feel anything but pleasant. Once a person has been infected with herpes, the virus will remain in the body of the human body for a lifetime and can therefore break out again and again.

The herpes virus is spread by smear infections, ie by direct saliva contact. If the firm partner Herpes erupted, should be waived during this time therefore necessarily hot kisses, otherwise the partner has to fight very quickly also with this unpleasant infection. Herpes is therefore contagious only during a recent outbreak.

However, this is not always recognizable by the unpleasant bubbles. In some phases, the virus is active, but does not express itself by the typical clinical picture. Since sufferers thus do not feel that the herpes is active again, they are infected by saliva contact other people, without realizing it.

How often the herpes will break out after the first outbreak in life, is completely different from person to person. Especially happy people after the first outbreak only a few times throughout their lives to fight with herpes, unfortunates have to deal with this annoying virus several times a year.

Immediately before the outbreak, sufferers often already feel a slight itching or tingling sensation on the spot. In the next step, the bubbles, which are filled with liquid. These can burst and crust. These bubbles usually heal after 10 days at the latest, yet they are very annoying.

Scratching those affected by the itching on the blisters and immediately touching another part of the body can lead to other parts of the body becoming infected with the virus. This usually happens at body parts where the skin is particularly thin, eg on the eyelid. The most diverse risk factors lead to a reactivation, eg colds or other infections.

Because a person is sick, their immune system is weakened, this of course benefits the herpes virus. Mental stress can lead to a renewed outbreak, as well as too long sunbathing in good weather or the use of certain medications, such as cortisone.

What can I do, so that the herpes disappears again?

If an affected person on the Internet for home remedies, which are to help against herpes, she will quickly find it. Mostly honey, tea tree oil, zinc, but also garlic. Tea tree oil and zinc have a dehydrating effect, and honey becomes anti-inflammatory.

Unfortunately, not every honey helps. Most varieties that can be purchased in the supermarket, have not been thrown cold and therefore not gently obtained from the honeycombs. The good, anti-inflammatory enzymes are destroyed. So if honey is bought for its healing properties, the glasses from the supermarket are useless.

However, what is nowhere mentioned is the effect of heat on the herpes. Each virus prefers a specific temperature so that it can spread optimally. It is now necessary to change this temperature so that the virus no longer feels comfortable on our lips. At the latest, when the first bubble is formed, hot air should be blown on the bubbles every morning and evening with a hair dryer for at least three days.

It is advisable to inhale the hot air through the mouth. The entire affected region should be as warm as possible. Of course, nobody should be burned by the heat. The heat should be set so high that it is still good to endure. 1-2 minutes are enough. The bubble will not continue to grow immediately thereafter and instead forms much faster.

The herpes infection has broken out. What should I do without?

Are you struggling with an active herpes infection, there are some things you should keep in mind so that the disease heals faster. In no case should be scratched at the affected area, thereby the pathogens can spread to other parts of the body.

Especially dangerous is an infection on the eye, this requires a visit to a doctor! If you have unconsciously touched the bubbles then your hands must be washed with soap. The wearing of contact lenses should be avoided. Because the insertion and removal of the lenses carries the risk that there are still viruses on the fingers and it comes to the eye to the onset of the disease.

Glasses, cutlery and napkins should not be shared with other people, otherwise there is a risk that the guests soon have to deal with herpes. As a woman, the herpes should not be covered with make-up, but with a special herpes patch.

Because the use of brushes can cause the viruses are on the brush and thus soon come back into the face. Kissing with other people should be avoided during this time.

And even if it's hard: Stay away from the bubbles! Neither should these be scratched, nor should the crust be removed by force.

With these tips you should have defeated the herpes soon.

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