The right wine on the first date - What should I pay attention to?

The right wine selection on the first date - What should I pay attention to?

Finally the time has come - the first meeting is due. The only question that is still unclear is the beverage selection. A good drop of wine relaxes the mood and makes for both a pleasant feeling (both of course should be able to talk to each other without alcohol).

Since wines are among the drinks that are drunk slowly and enjoyably, these are of course perfect for the first date, which ideally lasts the entire evening. This leaves plenty of time to steadily consolidate and expand the good first impression, which at best has been built up through the previous contact. For a relationship is only then firmly established and can only last if there is a mutual feeling of sympathy.

The first date is on

For the first meeting, in many cases a neutral place is chosen. A café or a restaurant, where not only warm looks and gestures can be exchanged in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, but also getting to know each other. Incidentally, many women prefer to date a date to a public place at the first meeting because it makes them feel safer. If things go well, of course, there's no reason not to visit the apartment later on.

Mostly during the meeting a snack is eaten and drunk. If a bottle of wine is used, then it should be remembered that this must not only correspond to the own taste, but also to the taste of the partner. This should above all know the one who selects the wine. Please also remember, if your counterpart vegan, that not all wines are vegan. More information on this topic can be found here: Which wines are vegan?

If there is a different taste, then it is worth ordering the wine in a glass and not as a pint or even a bottle. So this can be individually tailored to the taste. In addition, it is generally advisable not to drink too much alcohol on the first date. This quickly makes it unsympathetic and the control over your own self is lost. In addition, both finally want to get something from the date, instead of being dazed. Although the level of alcohol also increases the courage, but who has to drank for a date only courage, should first work on his self-esteem. But what does it look like if the first meeting does not take place in a neutral area, but at home?

Good preparation is important

The first date decides whether a relationship arises or even the mere thought of it as oppressive. Therefore, the first date must be perfectly prepared in the home four walls, so this is a success. If you want to serve a glass of wine, you should pay attention to the following things:

Wine is first and foremost something sensual. In contrast to Fanta, Cola or water, wine is not drunk against thirst, but because of the taste. Especially regular wine drinkers and lovers therefore attach great importance to the origin of the wine and its quality. We recommend, therefore, to reach for the wine that tastes best to you. If you are not a wine drinker yourself, the price can (but does not have to) give an indication of the quality and taste.

Although it is not true that expensive is always better, it should not be the cheapest one. A good quality wine can be found in the online wine shop. The selection is very large and on top of that, a good description of the wine is delivered.

Here you can find more information on how to distinguish a good from a less good wine. If it is not yet known which wine the other prefers, then two different wines should be available for the meeting. If a little food is served, then in coordination with the meal. Otherwise, it is advisable to have a semi-dry and a dry wine ready. Whether red or white depends on your own taste.

Another tip: the wine should have the right temperature for him. Since not everybody has a wine fridge, with the help of the refrigerator or the prevailing outside temperatures the correct temperature for the wine can be produced. Otherwise, it may also be useful to put the wine in a cooler with some ice. But beware: If the wine is too cold, it can not fully develop its taste. Generally, red wine is drunk warmer than white wine.

With these few tips on wine selection and presentation, it will not be difficult to make your first date a complete success. On which it can develop more and look together into the future.

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