The right partner - "How do I know she's the right person for me?"

The right partner - "How do I know she's the right person for me?"

In our lives we meet a lot of people. Some of us are sympathetic, some just do not like others, and then there are those very special moments when we fall in love with someone.

We feel infinitely strong feelings for this woman and know that she is the right one ... But wait a minute! How can one even recognize that the sweetheart is also the right partner for one? Find out how you can do it in this helpful article!

The right partner accepts you the way you are!

In front of her, you can just be yourself and you do not have to pretend. She just likes you the way you are. Even with all your quirks and edges. With no other human, you can drop yourself like her. It gives you the feeling of being enough and thus enough.

With the right one you can talk about everything and everyone!

Functioning communication is one of the most important components of a successful partnership. Once you realize that you can really talk about everything and everyone, your relationship has great potential. The probability of conflict potential can thus be significantly reduced.

It's also about being able to listen to her well. If she has any problems, wishes or fears she wants to share with you, give your loved one full attention.

The right partner - you have the same values!

It's been proven that partnerships last longer if you have the same values ​​and goals. The 100% agreement does not have to exist, but one should agree on the whole already.

Do you want both children? Can you imagine a common dog? Do you want to travel the world? This is where communication starts again, because you should definitely agree with your goals and wishes. Only then can a basis for the beautiful, common future emerge.

The relationship feels easy

The positive moments with your loved ones outweigh the negative ones in any case. You do not feel compelled to maintain the relationship between the two of you, but you do so with pleasure and your fullest free will. It feels uncomplicated and easy to spend your time with her. It does not ask too much of you and you can be the best version of your ego.

The right partner - it just makes you happy!

Throughout, you grin like a honey cake horse, because no one else can make you as happy as she does. Alone her laugh is enough, or the thought of this, to put yourself in a good mood.

It does not always make you happy because you sometimes have a fight. But that is quite normal! The art is clearly to find oneself, to catch oneself and to eliminate the conflicts in an adult manner. Nevertheless, she makes you overjoyed most of the time ...

You have the same sense of humor

It makes you laugh and you make them laugh. You two are on the same wavelength and understand each other blindly. As soon as she realizes that you are sad, she starts everything to cheer you up. She laughs with you in funny times and ...

The right partner - your grief is also her grief!

... crying with you in difficult times. Even the hardest times she stands with you and is on your side. Your grief is also her grief and your struggle with the emotions, even her own. So you never have to feel alone with your feelings and emotions, but you always have a sanctuary and someone who will catch you.

Respect and support

In short, she respects you as the human being that you are. Even with quarrels you can treat each other respectfully.

In addition, you can always rely on their support. Would you call her now, she would be in front of your door in 20 minutes. Such a support is worth gold!


You can compromise, but you can. If you have to cut corners, she will do so the next time. She can, like you, engage in suggestions to successfully sustain your relationship.

Loyalty and trust

Anyone who enters into a monogamous relationship also wants or should be loyal to their partner. If your partner promises her loyalty and you can rely on her for sure, you should give her yours as well. By agreeing on certain aspects of the relationship, you can trust her 100%.

The sex is great!

You two are not only great in everyday life, but also in bed you are on the same wavelength. You are also intent on the desire of the other and therefore respectfully respect. The touches crackle and you always get a good feeling, even if you only look at them naked.

The attraction between you just does not seem to be from this world. And if your sex life should have fallen asleep, you both try to make it more exciting. However, the efforts come from both sides.

She strives to arrive well with family and friends!

It is obviously important to her that she gets on well with your loved one. Whether with your buddies, or your family - your lover always strives to fit in and make nice gestures.

You realize yourself that you like to have them at the meetings from now on. You're bragging about your friends because you're so blown away by her.

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