The perfect tongue kiss - What really matters

The perfect tongue kiss - when do we call a kiss perfect?

As soon as we meet a person we like a lot, we dream of him: the first, of course, absolutely perfect kiss. In our imagination, our lips merge and a fireworks show up in our body. In reality, the first kiss with a new person often looks different. Wild sluggish or listless lunchtime as well as too much saliva can quickly take away the pleasure of smooching.

Time for us to summarize what really makes a good kiss:

The perfect kiss - that's the Don'ts

1. The wrong moment

You met each other at the club. Your girls are right next to you. You talked well with this stunning woman and think it would be a good idea to stick your tongue in her throat now.

And then you wonder, that she turns away with her face?

Even if a woman is relaxed, does not say no to new contacts, and is not averse to flirting, few women feel like snogging with a guy right in front of their closest friends. Of course, her friends treat her with the fun. However, it is unfortunately still the case today that men who have many women are admired, while women who are already very experienced are considered crooked. For that reason, the perfect kiss of the tongue can only take place if you are not watched by thousands of your friends.

2. You demand too much too fast

A perfect tongue kiss builds up slowly. It's not that you approach her face, you press your lips against hers and you immediately start with your tongue.


A successful kiss, which will long be remembered both of you, will slowly build up.

3. You do not have to use the entire length of your tongue!

Especially popular with teens, but unfortunately also found in adults: The naughtiness to push the entire tongue completely the other in the throat.

Wow. Just wow. First of all, you definitely have a lot of sore muscles in your jaw tomorrow. And second, what the hell are you hoping for? That she finds your way to kiss horny?

4. Too much saliva is a Abtörner

If a kiss only spit out, the tongue kiss is anything but perfect. Nobody really likes such a wild slapper.

These are the do's for the perfect kiss

1. Let's take it easy

The perfect tongue kiss wants to be started slowly. This means that you first approach her face and aim her lips. Now you do not have to land with your mouth right on her lips. Instead, open your mouth and drive along her neck. Then you head back to her lips. Now the moment has come for your lips to touch, tender and gentle. Make sure that your lips are completely relaxed and not tense. Kiss her with your lips several times before you integrate the tongue into your lovemaking.

2. Take breaks during the kiss

A perfect kiss from the tongue lives on the fact that you keep withdrawing and thus take breaks. Then lower the touch with your tongue when she craves more. In addition, you do something else with it. In this way, you both have the perfect breather to swallow up excess saliva. As already explained, too much saliva when kissing is anything but erotic.

3. Pay attention to how she moves her tongue

A tingling tongue game has another feature that both pay attention to what the other likes. This can be easily recognized by their movements. Because we always touch other people as we would like to be touched. This is also true when kissing.

Does she kiss slowly and tenderly? Wild and demanding? Researchers? Fast? Do you notice that she nibbles you gently on the lower lip? Go to these touches.

Especially a tender nibble or gentle biting can be very erotic, if you both like it a bit wilder. But beware: Our lips are red because the skin is so thin there that the blood shows through. It can quickly come to too much vigor to bloody lips, which tilts the erotic mood immediately.

4. Do it with your entire body:

Your kiss will be perfectly perfected with her when you show full body use. Touch her with your whole body. Most women love it when you push them against the wall during your kiss. Grab your hair with one hand as you move along with your other body. Let her feel you.

If you notice that you get aroused and your penis gets hard, no shame! Women find it scary when they feel the man is on top of them.

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The perfect tongue kiss - Here are some more tips:

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