Find people and build friendships in the new city

You want to find nice people quickly in your new home?

At school, as well as during our studies or our training phase, we usually have no problems making friends and finding new people who are nice to us and with whom we enjoy spending time.

Unfortunately, we usually have to suddenly realize that this changes after graduation or our education. If we leave our old town for a job and find ourselves suddenly in a completely different corner of Germany again, we feel at the beginning still alone and quite lost.

Mostly we have the hope that maybe at work we will find people who are sympathetic to us and who might become friends from colleagues. But as a start-up trainee, we often have to gain the experience, depending on the industry, that the majority of our colleagues are much older. So what if you feel lonely?

Spend the weekends in your new home

Many people make the mistake at this stage of their lives that they travel to their home a lot to meet their old friends and see their family again. Of course, nobody should break off contact with old acquaintances, but we advise you to spend the weekends in your new city right at the beginning. For those who always drive home on the weekends deprive themselves of the opportunity to make new contacts at the weekends.

Log in to the appropriate Facebook groups

For people who want to expand their circle of friends, Facebook is a real help. There is a group for almost every major city where people are registered who have exactly the same problem as you.

Just search Facebook for the right group for you, these are usually "New in ...". Search for "New in Hamburg", "New in Berlin", "New in Munich" or wherever you are. However, it is not enough to join the group alone. Within the group usually meetings are organized, for example, they arrange to have a cozy evening in a cocktail bar. The most diverse people participate, all of whom have one thing in common: They want to find new people who are likeable to them and who become new friends.

So please calm down and go to such a meeting. There are no pinching! Of course we are excited when we meet in a foreign city in a strange bar with a large group of strangers, but the others are just the same. And that in turn makes for a lot of conversation when you first get to know each other.

Search for sports clubs you're looking for

Clubs are the optimal means of choice to easily and easily get in touch with other people. Whether it's volleyball, football, crossfit, freetlethics or regular Zumba meetings: clubs offer you the chance to get in touch with other people on their own.

Go out alone

What really speaks against leaving alone? For whatever reason, most of us are reluctant to rush into the nightlife without friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just because we do not know anybody yet does not mean that we can not have fun and not go out. But on the contrary!

Overcome yourself and go alone to the club of your choice!

Ring your neighbors and introduce yourself to them

Of course, this also depends on your location and your house, but maybe you are lucky and many of your direct neighbors are in an age similar to you? Just ring, introduce yourself and tell them you have just moved in.

This offers you several advantages: Firstly, your neighbors can now assign a face to the new bell sign. Secondly, you now know who you can ring when you are on holiday and someone is supposed to water your flowers, and thirdly, you can directly touch whether you might find new friends here.

Even if you are skeptical, accept invitations to parties

Often we reject invitations to parties such as the birthday of the colleague, because we have almost nothing to do with him, he is not 100 percent sympathetic to us and we have no desire to show up there alone, since we have no partner or no partner,

What we forget here: There are other people invited! Thus we deprive ourselves of the unique opportunity to meet other people. No matter if it is the Christmas party or general company party, or just the birthday of a colleague: we should definitely go.

Volunteer activities also bring us into contact with other people

Whether refugee help, the local shelter, an animal welfare association or the blackboard: There you will get to know a lot of volunteer helpers. If you realize at the beginning that this work is absolutely no fun for you and the people there are not your age, then just look around for something else that is more in line with your ideas.

Anyone who wants to find new people with whom he can meet and meet regularly must first and foremost become active. No one has made new friends from sitting at home. So leave the house more often, take all chances and seek the conversation with others.

You do not want to meet new people, but you want to find a partner? But you just do not know how you can meet women or men? Then inquire for a flirt coaching for men or a flirting seminar for women. Our love experts show you how you can actively approach men or women in everyday life, flirt with your opposite skillfully and soon find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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