The modern gentleman - how you can charm your date with charm

Are you a true gentleman?

What is meant by a modern gentleman? And how can you transfer its behavior to flirting? We'll show it to you, so you can wrap your date with a lot of charm around your finger!

First of all, a small definition of the modern gentleman. He adheres to social rules of conduct, is polite and has the best manners, dresses elegantly and treats his fellow human beings with respect.

That does not sound so extraordinary to you? But is it still - or when was the last time you stopped the door of a woman or carried a heavy bag for someone? But that's not all. A gentleman is confident and flirts with style. His non-blustering nature does not mean restraint in getting to know each other.

The gentleman is flirting not intrusive or level. We have an example for you: Imagine you are eating well with your dream girl. She looks great in her dress, which flatters her figure very much. You want to compliment her now, but it should not seem too shallow, as if you were just staring at her curves. So how could you say that to her charmingly?

Just tell her that you think how great she is about the dress or how elegant and chic she looks or how happy you are to have such a nice companion. Here are 53 other charming compliments for women.

Be sincere and attentive. A compliment about their lipstick is something that women rarely hear from men, even though they've gone to great lengths to make their choices. Your perfect opportunity to stand out and show her how great you are.

Let's stay with our imaginary date: Shove the chair up (if you're not around the corner at the doner kebab), ask her if she wants a drink, if her glass is nearly empty, and show your best table manners. A modern gentleman always behaves according to the circumstances!

Be a gentleman, like James Bond

If you want to be treated as a true gentleman, treat women like real ladies.

And not only in the restaurant, but also in all other areas - as well as in bed. For example, if you want to try something she's not ready for yet, do not push her! Pull yourself back charmingly and show her that you accept her limits and can deal with a little rejection. This will thank you with a lot of confidence, which will make her more willing to engage in small experiments!

The modern gentleman has not only the best manners and manners, but is charming, shows interest and is attentive, so that his counterpart feels good. It does not always have to be the big gesture, but giving her your jacket when she freezes will certainly give you pluses.

And so it will be a great date, where your dream woman feels well and appreciated - the prerequisite for more great dates and a bright future!

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