The Man of Desire - When two women love the same man

What to do if the same man has sparked the desire of two friends?

Women, the more they share time with each other, the more similar they become. Laugh, eat the same, exchange their clothes, live together and even the period is synchronized. Everything is wonderful, for the girlfriend, you would leave everything and leave. It is priority number one.

How unbelievably beautiful, right?

Except the man of desire comes into play, then at most synchronizes the aggressiveness. The man is almost a minor matter, this is all about it, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the country". Nothing is left out to outdo the allegedly best friend, everything is allowed.

The closer women are, the more subtle they fight each other. US psychologists have coined the term "frenemy", from "friend" (girlfriend) and "enemy" (enemy). The fight is often played on very different levels than on the one that really matters. Often attempts are made to humiliate the other with sardonic remarks and sabotaging sentences to make it clear that I am better than you.

Writer Sabine Werz ("Best Friend, Best Enemy") recalls how she played as a girl in a hockey team - this team quickly disbanded. The girls played with the same aggression as the boys and that was exactly what they did not like. Girls learn that attributes such as good, tolerable and harmonious are better for them than rudeness. They learn to redirect anger, frustration or envy into less visible channels.

The psychologist Dr. Doris Wolf: "Women fight more on the emotional level. We women are in a dilemma. Sabine Werz: "We are sticking to a semester-long program that includes constant smile and secret beastliness. And over time they become masters of false compliments. "When two women argue over a man, usually everything happens behind the girlfriend's back. The battle turns to attention. A new enemy is born and a friendship destroyed.

Well, luckily not all women are the same. In a good friendship, we can deal with the situation very honestly. The more transparent the topic is discussed, the better we can discover the true intentions of the other. And let's face it, in the end, the man of desire still has to decide.

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