Process the separation pain

Process the separation pain

Anyone who already has a failed relationship knows the feeling of separation pain. It is quite normal after a break to be depressed for a while and everyone takes different lengths to process the pain of separation.

What is important is that you do not get thrown off track, that grief spreads to other areas of your life, and that you are plunging into financial or health problems because you no longer pursue your work, eat anything, or start drinking,

Process the separation pain and complete with the relationship

To properly process your separation pain, you first have to make it clear that there is no step back. As long as there is still hope that the breakup will be reversible, you will have a much harder time finally completing the relationship and ultimately dealing with your separation pain.

If you were not the one who broke up, it's important that you still sign up for the relationship with yourself and tell yourself that you're not going to step back. The moment you make that decision for yourself, you will have a different sovereignty than if you only depend on the decision of your ex's all the time.

Processing pain of separation in the right time

Separation pain is a strong form of sadness and disappointment. It often happens that you fall into a phase of self-pity. One can not say how long the phase takes to process a separation and to process the pain of separation, as this takes different lengths for each person.

It often happens that the people in your immediate environment are trying to cheer you up and that's important, but equally important is that you express your feelings and take your time to mourn, because if you just suppress your feelings, you will only need the longer to get over it all.

Process separation pain and take time for yourself

To properly process the pain of separation, for some people, it may be best to just be alone for a while. You can calmly think about the relationship for yourself and process the positive as well as negative experiences of the relationship and leave it behind.

Process separation pain through distraction

Unlike the method just described, some people process the separation pain much better if they distract themselves with lots of entertainment. It does not matter if you do as much as possible with your friends and family, distract yourself with sports or other hobbies. The main thing about this method is that you come out and distract your thoughts from the separation pain.

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