Find the dream man - Why it always happens when we least expect it!

Find the dream man - Why it always happens when we least expect it!

We all have some idea of ​​what our dream man should look like. Although we always claim that we are not so superficial, we also prefer certain features and traits.

Even then, as little girls, we got the fairy tales read aloud. At some point, the pretty prince got into his white, big horse, who finally freed and saved the wonderful princess. But what if you can not rely on this one hero by now because so many frogs have been kissed?

In this article, we'll explain why it's never too late for love and why we always fall in love when we're not counting!

Find the dream man - what do you really want?

First of all, it's about finding out your wishes. How do you imagine your potential partner? What qualities should he have and which men do you find especially attractive? Brown or blonde hair? Thin stature, or at least the muscle mountain?

The tendency is to make it clear that you will never meet the ideal dream man. Probably, but he will definitely not be the way you always imagined him. No one is perfect and flawless, so your unrealistic thoughts will always remain your most intimate desires.

So make realistic claims that can successfully bring you closer to your goal. Set the right priorities by defining the most important features for you. It would be wiser, loyalty and honesty, to face the big biceps, right?

Finding the dream man - why is there no one I like?

As already mentioned, distorted ideas can not agree with reality. Above all, we are being manipulated by the media these days, so we constantly measure ourselves against these "optimal" measures.

Maybe you're just a human being who is less likely to be attracted to humans. Maybe you also have such friends, who immediately after their separation have a new partner. However, you still mourn for a long time your failed relationship and it seems like you just never liked anyone again.

There is also the possibility that it will take you a very long time to complete with the past. So you still subconsciously hang on ideas that you can give no one else. In the end, they also have nothing to do with your dream man, but you stiffen yourself too much. Now it is time to clarify exactly what you want for yourself and his great future.

Another possibility is that you find a potential partner, but are afraid of it and thus ultimately close you. This would indicate a fear of attachment or loss.

You are a person who likes to go out and have a great evening with friends. In fact, you wonder why nobody ever addresses you, but your girlfriends? It does not always have to be the case that nobody finds you attractive, or calls you the opposite of your absolute "dream woman". You may intimidate other people with your demeanor, or they may immediately realize that you have high standards. The possibilities here are limitless ...

The most plausible explanation for the fact that you have not yet met your dream man, is the chanceless attitude. You tend not to make sense in any situation or man. You simply give him no chance, only if you lack the crackle from the beginning, or he does not take your breath away on the first date.

Sometimes it can be a lot better if you get involved with things and people that might not immediately blow you away. With these men, much more can happen than we think ...

Where can I find my dream man?

If you want to make a targeted search for your dream man, so you have to start in any case companies and go out. Whoever just sits at home and waits for his beloved and waits for him to fall from heaven will never find anything. It does not always have to be just the parties, or the adventurous activities.

For example, if the weather is nice, go to the park or just take a walk through the city. As soon as you absorb your surroundings and gather enough impressions, you can collect them from people as well. That helps you find out what you really want.

You have hobbies and leisure activities that you like to practice, then just connect your search with them. Sports clubs and cultural sites are excellent ways to meet a potential partner. So you have not only the same interests, but also good conversation topics that can establish certain connections between you.

Dream man - It always happens, if one did not expect!

The point is, things always happen when you do not believe in them anymore. How often have you experienced things at the most unfavorable moments? It is probably because we are not so stupid go to the Dating, but just let it come to us.

Anyone who always has the search in mind and can orientate himself on anything else, simply loses control. It is nice and good, if you go to this, but you must not neglect your own life.

Also, an active effort to find a potential lover is nothing wrong. It's even good if you make an effort. The measure between too much and too little should be found here, so it works for you with the dream man!

If it has not worked yet, do not despair! It will certainly happen if you do not expect it at all ...

Become a flirting professional, to inspire your dream man of you!

If you finally want to find your dream man, then ask now a coaching with us. We would like to help you to design your love life according to your wishes and to find a potential partner. We look forward to hearing from you!

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