Find the right partner - what you should consider in your search

Many women desperately want to finally find the right person.

And yet it just does not work so well when looking for a partner. At the beginning of the twenties it was a matter of course that you left on the weekends. Meeting men was not a problem at the time. Then some relationships came and in the mid-thirties or early thirties one suddenly realizes that much has changed tremendously.

Most people in the area are already married, getting to know men is no longer as easy as it used to be and after a date, the date often turns out to be a disappointment. Find a partner? Wrong!

Where you meet your dream man

Why is it harder to find the right person after a certain age?

Many women have the problem that at a certain age many of the interesting men are already taken. For the early thirties is the time when most men marry and start a family. Apart from that, life in general also changes.

At the latest when you arrive at work, you suddenly realize that the circle of friends has shrunk extremely. It is less common, after all, the friends have children themselves, which they have to take care of, and in general, it is suddenly much harder to meet new people.

Even your own attitude often ensures that you stay alone. A well-known example is the statements that you have no time for a partnership anyway or that you are not fit for marriage anyway. These statements often show that the person concerned is actually only afraid of being disappointed. She is afraid of rejection and therefore, from the beginning, she tells herself that the whole relationship stuff is not for her anyway.

If a person is single, this is mainly due to himself. Of course, circumstances can make it difficult to meet other people, but it's not all about them. But that's why it's also possible to change certain things in life to make it easier to meet men.

1. Complete with past partnerships

Too often people take bad experiences and disappointments into their new relationship. Some even jump directly into the next partnership to console themselves about an old relationship. This works only very conditionally.

For example, if your ex has abused your trust by being strangers to you, you should first process this event psychologically. If you do not do this, you will quickly sense the danger of your next partner, that he might as well deceive you and be suspicious. This is how you destroy the new relationship from the beginning. So make sure that you do not carry anything bad from your past with you and project this in the dating phase to the new man.

2. Think about your criteria

Your own demands are a difficult topic. From the middle of the thirties you already have some partnerships behind you. You can tell exactly what character traits are a deterrent and what you want with your counterpart. At the same time one knows one's own advantages, but also one's own weaknesses.

And yet both men and women sometimes develop too high demands on the future. This development is partly determined by the media. On television you only see perfect partnerships, and the pictures of the stars on Instagram only show photos that convey "peace, joy, pancakes". It also includes conflict and friction to a relationship. Therefore, we must not make the mistake of being blinded by such things.

So think about what points are really important to you. Because the more criteria you have, the more restrictive you naturally also the selection. If you are in your mid-thirties and you definitely want to have children, it is logical that you sort out the men who do not want a family. But would you really like to have a man by your side who has studied and now you meet a man who has a rather simple background, you should reconsider whether this really is so important to you.

3. Become active!

Alone at home, no woman has met men. Of course, there are also dating sites and dating sites, but let's be honest: If you just get to know each other in everyday life, this is somehow the most beautiful, right?

This works only if you become active. For example, clubs are particularly well suited to get in touch quickly and easily with other people. Use every opportunity you have to get out of your apartment. Meet up with your girlfriend to the sport, join in the company outing of your company, meet with old friends from your school days.

It does not have to be primarily about companies in which you come into contact exclusively with men. First of all, it should be about having more contacts and getting to know new people. In this way, you take the pressure out of your Dating and you go much more relaxed to strangers.

4. Fix yourself to find the partner not too much

Men as well as women can quickly look needy when they are very searching. Because the more you wish for a new partnership, the more likely you are to cling after the first meeting.

Unfortunately that seems rather daunting. Many people usually find a partner just when they have decided to stay single. Because of this decision, they appear much more relaxed, no longer cling to each straw and thus suddenly get much better at the other sex.

So keep in mind that even without a man by your side, you are fully capable. Do not let your kinswoman persuade you that it's about time to tie you down. Be aware that you lead a beautiful life and you are happy, a man by your side is just an added plus. Because especially in love, you can not force anything.

You have yet to find a suitable partner, even though you are a really open woman and you approach relaxed and relaxed on this topic? And you can not even explain why that is? Then you should think about a flirt coaching for women. This is where our flirting trainers show you how to make men aware of you in your everyday life and how to get them to speak to you. Because as a woman you have countless opportunities every day, you just have to recognize them!

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