Your sexdate is on? How to prepare yourself optimally

You finally have an appointment with her for Sexdate?

Every single knows it - There are days when we are so happy to be single. Mostly, when we hear directly, how a couple argues or we live witness to how our buddy is undermined by his girlfriend and he has completely abandoned his personality for her.

And then there are the other moments. Those in which we lie in bed report our hormones to us and realize that the right hand can not replace real sex.

These are the moments that make us actively address a woman, install Tinder or call friends, and ask if we want to party together. The better we feel when our effort is crowned with success and we are soon dating a sex date.

And tonight it is time. Slowly we realize that the panic is rising in us.

How to prepare yourself optimally for your sexdate

Tip # 1: Make drinks and snacks ready to eat

You probably do not know each other very well yet. Maybe the last time you knelt together, maybe you'll meet for the first time today, because you've made an appointment through a dating app. Whatever the case, there is certainly some excitement on both sides.

So that you both a little looser, we advise you to quietly open a bottle of wine (white wine and beer you should set in good time before cold).

There's nothing wrong with cooking together, so you'll get to know each other and your hands are busy. This makes the atmosphere all by itself more relaxed.

Remember to cook something as simple as possible, not too expensive. After all, you do not want to spend the entire evening just standing in the kitchen.

Tip # 2: Time for a short shower must be there!

You come in the summer of sweaty from work and want to welcome in this way your sexdate? The lady will thank you for smelling of sweat and she feels your sticky skin.

You do not have to stand in the shower forever, but you'll be able to shed, foam and shave in five minutes, even if she's already on her way.

Tip number 3: care for contraception

You both know why you are meeting. Why the hell did not you get condoms in the drugstore? Since nothing is going to work without condoms, we advise you to go quickly to the kiosk or gas station before it comes.

Tip number 4: transition from flirting to bed

She has arrived at your place, you have drunk a glass of wine and now you are wondering how to make it come to more?

It is advisable that you care for a flirtatious atmosphere from the beginning. Do not talk to her like a normal buddy, flirt with her! Tease her, use sexual ambiguity, put on your flirtatious tone.

During cooking, it is good to stand behind her and reach over her hands from behind to help her with a handle or cutting the vegetables.

While eating, you can, for example, stroke her hand over the red wine glass.

Maybe you have already eaten, now stands with you on the balcony and enjoys the view. Then position yourself behind her and gently massage her shoulders. Blow her a kiss directly on her neck or her neck. Especially the neck is a very erogenous zone. Slowly awaken her lust in her for you. That way, you can slowly walk down her neck.

Another option: offer to massage her with massage oil. Women love massages! That way, she has to say goodbye to her top and bra.

Tip # 5: Speak out of what you like, but accept limits too

Especially in the sexual field, there is nothing that does not exist. The preferences can be completely different. Not only in a partnership, but also during a sex date, it is allowed to express your own wishes and sexual needs.

However, of course, it is also important to accept the boundaries of the other. If we stand up to harder sex ourselves, but she can not do much with it and feels uncomfortable with it, we must by no means enforce our will.

Tip # 6: Have breakfast the next day?

You spent the night together and enjoyed great sex. It's been long outside and you wake up slowly. Your fridge is full, but should you really offer to have breakfast with you?

A hot coffee is perfect if she wants one. The extensive, shared breakfast is an activity that we prefer to practice as a couple with a steady partner. Sitting at the breakfast table for hours at a time with one night stand has something funny about it, because it feels a bit like a relationship.

Also, extensive cuddling after sex is one of the things that have nothing to do with a pure sex date. Too big is the danger that we will fall in love with you or cause feelings on your side and that makes us unhappy.

How sympathetic do we have to be for a sexdate?

Honestly, how many times have we found women in clubs, parties or other places that look incredibly attractive and that we would call extremely attractive, yet we realize that we absolutely would not fit together? For example, because she is extremely boring, she lives at the other end of Germany, has strange hobbies or makes funny jokes.

But this is exactly what is ideal for a sexdate! If we do not fit together in terms of character, the danger that we fall head over heels and we will be disappointed in the end is minimized.

A sexdate does not give you what you want because you secretly long for a partnership? But you just can not find a woman that suits you? Then ask us for a flirt coaching! Our flirting professionals will show you how you can actively approach, address and get to know other women. So that you too will finally be happy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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