Dating Coach in TED Talk: Why you should write only 2 messages in online dating

TED X Talk on Online Dating

Evan Marc started online dating because he was a writer and therefore worked from home. Coupled with the fact that he did not often go to clubs etc., he did not have that much to do with women.

If you ask a stranger what he thinks about online dating, he will probably answer, "I hate online dating." But complaining about online dating is just like blaming the gym for not losing weight. It's not about what's wrong with online dating, it's about how you use this medium for you and your goals.

One of Even Marc's analyzes of online dating is that men often use the same texts via copy and paste to women and that chats are often boring and run in the same pattern. With a simple suggestion, he wants to encourage singles to spend less time chatting and more time for the actual date.

Save time on online dating

That's why he decided to try online dating to skip that hurdle. He has served more than 300 women over a 10-year period. Through these experiences he was able to collect he came up with the idea to share it with others.

He started teaching this unusual experience to other people. In online dating, the difficult part is not the part of the net but the real date that happens afterwards. Most people have many dates because they want immediate gratification. We want to have that feeling as soon as possible.

That's why, according to Dating Coach Evan Marc, there are three principles that should be followed to make effective use of online dating


Men are bad at online dating because they use the medium in the wrong way. They send standard messages which make them seem stupid, even though they are not, and all because they do not know how to properly use such a platform. Men are the aggressors, that's why their actions are noticeable. Women get a lot of news that's why they do not answer many at all. Men come over needily even if they are not. Men try all nudges, news and, above all, many messages.

Men come to the conclusion that:

Speed ​​+ mass

the solution is. But that's where the problem lies. Men thinking about going blind dates is good, but that's just bad. That's why we have to start thinking differently about online dating.

Evan got an enlightenment when he saw the news from other men to women. They were all needy standard messages that simply could not bring success. The male sex wants to speed up the female well-being, the interface of which is a good date.

If you spend more time getting to know each other, good chat conversations etc or longer phone calls will pay off later. Men unintentionally make women feel uncomfortable.

That's why for him the 2/2/2 rule

  • 2- News on the dating site
  • 2- messages outside the dating site
  • 2- phone calls

How to use the 2/2/2 rule:

Be a good conversation partner and ask for a contact outside the dating site and make a phone call. Being a good conversation partner is difficult, but it is not. Texting is the death of every communication. The advantages of the 222 rule are: building relationships and above all saving time.

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