Dating Apps 2018: What will be the dating trends in the new year?

Dating apps are booming.

They sprout from almost every corner and now there are such a large number that one quickly loses track: dating apps. Formerly only classic dating agencies such as ElitePartner, Parship or eDarling have been known, apps like Tinder are now increasingly gaining ground and courting customers.

But in which direction will the dating trend go? Will there be expensive dating services in a few years?

Women write to Tinder

These are the trends of Dating Apps 2018

The target group of Tinder is young, most members are between twenty and thirty years old. Not only is Tinder so enticing because it's mostly free, but also because so many people are using it.

Both in men and in women, Tinder enjoys greater popularity and ensures that the dating is reduced to the most necessary externals. Because only a photo is used to decide whether or not they like each other, Tinder also rarely leads to strong relationships. Instead, these are usually superficial dates that are about sex.

But exactly this trend is going back more and more soon. In general, it is often said that the whole of society is becoming more superficial, and that intrinsic values ​​are less and less worthwhile. But lately, it has also become apparent that change is taking place in society.

Organic instead of mass production, bicycles instead of cars, climate-friendly energy instead of nuclear power. More and more people are returning to old, old values. It is again fashionable to grow your own vegetables in the garden (or the balcony) and to buy your own little home. This trend is slow but also in the dating collection. As fast as it may be and without obligation sex, he is not really fulfilling.

The Dating App Once jumped on this move. Instead of displaying a multitude of possible profiles on a daily basis, as Tinder does, once there is only one partner proposal per day. As a result, users will look at the profile for a longer time and think more carefully about whether the other person might be of interest to them.

Handling will be easier with Dating Apps 2018

Although young people in particular are very tech-savvy, dating sites are constantly improving and optimizing user interfaces. It's just always a number chic, clear and simple. Meanwhile, the designs have long been away from eye-catching, colorful colors and other buttons that misdirect attention. Instead, the motto is: simple elegance.

However, the simple handling is not only for an optimized design, but also the registration. Apps can no longer afford to fill in the profile for several hours. Because people want to start right after the download. Thus, the upload of photos must work smoothly. Profiles have to offer the function to be able to give information about themselves, but to be able to postpone this to a later date.

A challenge to all fakes

Of course, many are interested in getting a piece of the big cake: annoying for users when they repeatedly find themselves writing with a bot or a fake account that merely has an interest in getting their money out of their pockets.

And as these fake profiles become more and more, the developers of the apps are always better and more accurate ideas come up, as fake profiles and bots can be detected and unmasked. Because nothing scares users off more than fake profiles. Of course, even in 2018, users will still be in demand to report such obvious fake profiles so they can be quickly removed.

Virtual reality is coming

Probably not yet in 2018, but eventually Dating Apps Virtual Reality will be something completely normal. Until then, however, it is likely that there are smartphones that are able to display 3D effects.

Should one of these days be possible without glasses, it is not out of the question that users will then be presented with photos in 3D by other users. So everyone can already imagine from a photo, how it would feel to gently stroke the other person's hair or other places.

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