Dating App Bumble - Does she keep what she promises?

The market of dating apps is booming.

If you are looking for a single app, the offer will truly kill you: The best known representatives here are Tinder and Lovoo. Both are now decried as pure sex apps, but there are now more and more couples who have met via one of the two apps.

New on the market is the dating app Bumble. But what does Bumble want to do differently than its predecessors? How does it differ? And the most important thing: is Bumble recommended?

At Bumble, women are the assets

The special thing about Bumble is that the woman decides who she wants to contact and with whom. Even if both give themselves a match, so to speak, and express their interest in each other: The first message can only come from the woman. In this app, the man is thus spared the common situation that he addresses countless women, and never receives an answer.

How can I create a profile on Bumble?

Since the founder of the app Whitney Wolf formerly worked for Tinder himself, Bumble is strongly reminiscent of how it works on Tinder. Again, the creation of a profile is only possible via a Facebook account.

If you are worried that your timeline will show that you are now a user of this app, you can rest assured: neither on the timeline nor in any other way will your friends be notified that we have installed the dating app on our smartphone.

After downloading the app access to Facebook must be granted. Bumble gets now on Facebook all the important data that it needs for the creation of the profile. But do not worry, just because Bumble and Facebook are linked, it does not mean that all images uploaded to Facebook are now visible to other users of Bumble. These are selected separately instead.

How exactly does Bumble work?

As the presentation of the app already suggests, Bumble works just like Tinder. The user is suggested to other members who can be wiped either left or right. To the left, the faces are wiped, which we do not particularly like, to the right slips the thumb, if we like the other profile well and we would like to write with this person.

Only those members who are within a certain radius are shown. How big this radius should be, can be set by the user. If two people have a match, it is up to the woman to send a message within the first 24 hours.

If this does not happen, because she has no time, she is not interested or simply does not think about it, the match will be forfeited. A dilapidated match can not be retrieved. If a woman is unsure whether she really wants to write to the man, she can extend the period once by 24 hours. If you want to extend the deadline again, you have to invest money.

For € 7.99 not only the time limits for matches can be extended indefinitely, then even lost matches can be retrieved. However, these additional features are interesting for the female users, since they are the ones from whom the first message has to go out. Bumble is thus much cheaper than Tinder (here the gold variant costs 27.49 euros per month).

The point of the matter is that the users open the app regularly.

As with Tinder, there is also a VIP membership here, the so-called Vibee area. The Vibee area should reward those who are very committed and active, and always act politely.

What is our conclusion after the practical test?

Many dating apps are struggling with the problem that the ladies are not very active. While the men are tapping their fingers sore, many women do not even react. In Bumble, the female sex is forced to take the smartphone itself and take the first step.

It is noticeable that the ladies (as far as the first message is concerned) are no more imaginative than the men. And although many women complain bitterly at Tinder that men write little more than "Hi, " "Hi how are you, " or "Well, what are you doing?" But pretty similar are now the news that arrive with us. We get messages with the following words "Hi, how are you?" "Well you?" And also a simple "Hi" has been there. What the ladies demand of the men does not seem to be valid for them.

Bumble and Tinder in comparison - Which app is better?

The advantage of the App Tinder is obvious: Tinder has significantly more members. With Bumble the profiles are unfortunately wiped very fast. Compared to Tinder, the response rate at Bumble is very high: At around 80 percent, it is far higher than Tinder's.

The women who use Bumble know exactly what they want. Unlike the women who need Tinder to play some games and so improve their own self-esteem, Bumble's focus is on women who have more serious intentions.

The first step is taken by the woman, the chat takes a completely different course, as many know it from Tinder. Not only that women are spared from obscene sex requests here. Also, the women themselves are much more open to their chat partner. Those who receive hundreds of messages from men every day tend to ignore much of this directly and to give the men the cold shoulder or become extremely overcritical when choosing. This is not the case with Bumble.

Can we recommend Bumble? Generally yes. But if you are looking for a large selection of potential dates, this is wrong here. In this case, we recommend that you either use a second dating app like Tinder, or go out to catch men especially in everyday life.

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