The Smartphone: Asocial curse or communicative blessing?

They are an integral part of our everyday life:

The smartphones have taken the world by storm in the last 11 years. We were online before and waited several minutes while our ISDN router made funny noises until we finally got online. Also, everyone had a blocky cell phone with him, the battery lasted forever. We wrote dozens of text messages daily and spent hours playing Snake on the good old Nokia 3210.

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But it was not until January 9, 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the first generation of the iPhone in California that he unleashed an unprecedented change in communication in our society. It does not matter if we send friends a message, send sweethearts to our partner, use the device to make appointments, browse for hours on the Facebook stream or just listen to music: We are trapped in a digital bubble!

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Digital dystopia

We are panting in social networks for likes and for quick confirmation. Those who are not "allways-on" feel bad. And the most powerful man in the world is an internet troll. Such a change can really scare you ...

Our today's society !?

You really do not have the words ...

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