The Peter Pan Syndrome - When men never want to grow up!

The Peter Pan Syndrome - When men never want to grow up!

Peter Pan, the intrepid, brave, fictional hero who never wants to grow up. He scurries from one adventure to the next and often floats his behavior against the tide. Norms and rules? He has never heard of it.

Men who do not grow up suffer from the so-called "Peter Pan Syndrome", which was discovered by family therapist Dan Kiley. Although it is not recognized as a recognized mental disorder, there are many symptoms that make the condition more narrowly defined. In this article you will learn everything about this exciting topic!

Peter Pan Syndrome - Symptoms

It can be extremely nerve-wracking and exhausting with a man who does not behave according to age. They often think their behavior is completely legitimate and fail to recognize their own guilt.

According to Dan Kiley, there are six symptoms that characterize the syndrome: loneliness, anxiety and guilt, irresponsibility, narcissism, chauvinism, and the sexual role conflict. The loneliness is reflected in the fact that the affected person is constantly dragging relationships and simply looking for a new one. He depends with many buddies and adapts perfectly. For eternity this usually does not last. Loneliness is therefore preprogrammed here.

He has anxiety and feelings of guilt because attachment and fear of failure are a constant companion. He may not commit himself, but the tormenting accusations usually tear him from the inside. The irresponsibility makes him seem so young. Limits and limits are unknown to him. He does just that, after which he feels a desire. He enjoys freedom and independence deeply. Under no circumstances can he dictate rules because he is his own master and nobody will ever stand above him.

Narcissism and chauvinism represent his exaggerated ego and disturbed self-love, which can already be pathological. He is the better, the better and the smarter than anyone else in the world. What he says is true and is only then implemented. An exaggerated alpha animal that seems indomitable. Narcissists have deep inside complexes that they try to compensate for by such behavior. They keep themselves alive by compliments, recognition and dismissal of the others.

Just as with friendly relationships, the Peter Pan copy never embarks on long-term love relationships with people he begins to like. Too big is the fear of failure and loss. One sexual experience follows the next, with a lot of women. If it comes to a firm bond, it will most likely not last long. However, this relationship will be exhausting for both parties.

Peter Pan syndrome - causes

Whether it is the man catching up with his lost childhood or the one who gets it all taken away from his parents so he can never grow up. The reasons for the "Peter Pan Syndrome" can have different causes.

One thing is clear: there must be some reason! In fact, such symptoms are not to be underestimated and ranked differently. To tackle the condition successfully, the causes and the syndrome itself must be recognized. Only those who really want to improve can do so. He's probably always been the black sheep in the family. Conspicuous are his exaggerated jokes, the uncontrolled, childish statements and an overbearing behavior.

He goes out very often and maybe he only hangs with 20 year olds and consumes women via Tinder. Did not he have a proper youth? Possible! From complexes to traumatic moments, there are countless possibilities that could have triggered the Peter Pan syndrome.

However, specialists in the field have found that parenting and parenting are the main reason for the syndrome. Either they praised him too much, gave him no limits, or he was over-monitored, so he wants to live extremely during adulthood.

What to do if you have a relationship with a man infected with Peter Pan syndrome, or wants to lead?

If it is clear that your beloved is suffering from the "Peter Pan Syndrome", then he can change his behavior only if he wants to work on himself. You must realize that it will be very difficult to have a serious, adult relationship with a victim. There will be a lot of work.

Every relationship requires work, but it will probably be much more. You'll have to have strong nerves to deal with such behavior. If you really love someone, then the disturbance should not be an obstacle.

My friend / husband has the Peter Pan syndrome - but there are positive sides too!

One thing is for sure: boring it will never be with him. Tension and adventure are part of his daily routine. You will experience exciting adventures, write and tell stories. He may have a deeply impressive personality for whom you admire and appreciate him. How carefree he always goes through life and how naive he sometimes takes decisions. Fascinating how he can get excited about the little things.

Being a little kid has not hurt anyone, but if your sweetheart is exaggerating, you need to talk to him about the subject. However, you should note here that you are sensitive to him. As already mentioned, he is in truth a vulnerable young man who just wants to be loved. Of course you should not forgive everything!

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