The perfect romantic weekend

The perfect romantic weekend - why it does not always have to be expensive!

The stress of everyday life has caught up with you, you have little time for each other and romance is no longer an issue within the relationship? Then it's time for a romantic weekend. Why wonderful days with the partner do not always have to be expensive, you will find out in this article!

The perfect romantic weekend - it does not always have to be expensive!

Expensive does not mean good. That means for you: First and foremost, think of what really comes from the heart. Small touches not only sweeten your partner's weekend, but also make him feel how important he / she is to you. Just make a cake, or sprinkle sweet little notes in the apartment. A smile will definitely put you on the face of the other.

Nice romantic weekend not without relaxation!

Just think about how you and your partner can relax the best. A spa weekend also has its charm. Or massaging each other with a good-smelling massage oil. Take a bath together and let your mind wander. Take a look at your favorite series, or cook together. The most important thing here: romance. Everything looks much better with candlelight. Those who define rose petals as romantic can of course also scatter them. If you are not the type for it: no problem! The only important thing is that your efforts become visible.

Of course, sex reflects the whole package of togetherness and affection. Take time for you two and enjoy the time together!

Romantic Weekend - Get dressed up!

If you want to spend a little more and you can ... you both get dressed for the other one. Put on the most beautiful dress and the most elegant suit. Make the coolest smokey eye look and clean your shoes. A fancy meal in a great restaurant really enhances every evening. Delicious food, nice clothes and nice talks. Great hours preprogrammed!

Take a balloon ride high in the air

You will never forget such an experience. High above the clouds and looking down at the earth. The humans look like little ants and you two are felt to be alone in the world. The togetherness gets a very special aftertaste so high above the earth and all the stress of everyday life. Anyone getting into the balloon must definitely keep their worries and fears down on the ground!

Picnic in the park - the perfect romantic weekend

When the weather is nice, picnicking in the park is one of the most romantic activities you can do. You can prepare the snacks together before that. A blanket and good mood make such an event in nature unforgettable.

Honestly talking about feelings, fears and worries!

In a relationship it is very important to be able to confide everything. As soon as everyday life has caught up with the relationship, such intimate moments usually fall by the wayside. For that you should use the romance weekend! It's not about spreading negative feelings with such conversations, but trusting others and telling them things that are currently occupying themselves. Pour out your heart. Do not forget to tell the other (really speaking!) How important he / she is to you and how you love and appreciate your partner for what he / she is.

The cinema evening in your own living room

If you do not want to go out and spend huge amounts of money on popcorn and coke, you can easily turn your living room into your own home theater. Light should be off completely, popcorn is thrown into the microwave and the soft drinks are ready next to the sofa. If you need more to snack on: ice cream is the perennial favorite!

A walk through nature - romantic weekend

Shut off the big city, social contacts, jokes in the city and exhaust fumes. Switch off cell phones is of course also allowed! You just focus on each other, breathe clean air and let nature guide you. Silence, too, can be very romantic. You know that the other person is there and understands you without words.

Make common plans!

Pure romance: Plan your joint next vacation. Paris, Rome or London - the main thing to explore together new spots on earth. Look out for nice restaurants and sights that you want to visit. Anticipation is usually the greatest joy anyway! Of course, other nice future plans may also be addressed. However, too much stress should not arise here. So take good care of what you say and what you do not say. Miscomplication is really not necessary for a romantic weekend!

The perfect romantic weekend - cooking together

Cooking connects and stimulates great conversations. Seek out a new dish. You can then view the preparation as a challenge that you can tackle together. Go buy the ingredients together, talk about the work breakdown (could avoid conflict potential) and get involved in cooking together. Accept suggestions from each other and taste the rest until you have prepared your perfect dish, lunch or dinner.

Geiheimtipp: Breakfast on the bed!

What could be more romantic than a shared breakfast in bed. One goes to buy the fresh rolls and croissants, the other prepares everything at home. Now just throw in cozy clothes, cuddle in the bed. Perfect!

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