The couple in front of the flicker box - Is watching TV bad for the relationship?

Are common evenings in front of the TV really that harmful?

Everyone has this one pair in the circle of friends. This one couple, where everything seems so perfect. Once a month a short trip to France, to Lake Constance or to Holland booked, numerous pictures that were edited with a filter are uploaded to Facebook and Instagram and on the weekends that they spend in Germany, they are always on the move.

During the week, the common sport is on the agenda, lunch is always healthy, there is never any quarrels and boring sitting at home does not exist for them. Just as long sleep, the lazybones do after all.

And somehow you feel bad when comparing your own relationship with them. In your own partnership is a maximum of once a year holiday the highest of the feelings, the weekend are also like just spent at home with doing nothing and a lot to tell about exciting things you have somehow not.

And if you meet again the couple, which reports enthusiastically about their summer vacation in the Seychelles, one takes the decision to do more in the future. One also wants to look so interesting and alive to the outside world.

But is it really that bad if you feel comfortable in your own four walls and also like to spend the evening together with your favorite series? Does it really always have to be the cultural event in the evening that promotes the relationship? Can not a Sex scene from Game of Thrones also have a positive effect on the relationship? Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have now focused on this phenomenon.

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Watching TV together promotes the relationship

Especially when you're still young, you quickly realize that watching TV together in society is scornfully scorned. Of course, the TV has never enjoyed the best reputation. After all, the rectangular apparatus is to blame for the fact that Germany's children are getting fatter, that our eyes are getting worse and worse and that we are not breathing fresh air, but instead burning electricity and mentally fooling. Uff.

Sounds pretty negative, right? But in opposition to this bad attitude towards the television, the researchers at the University of Aberdeen have found in their study that looking at them together does not divide the partners, but even strengthens the relationship. They found that watching TV together strengthens the closeness between the two partners in much the same way as a mutual circle of friends.

Of course, mutual friends should not be missing, these also contribute to a well-functioning relationship. They strengthen the sense of connectedness between the two partners and help to make the two partners happier and less likely to split up.

However, this aspect is missing, especially in the case of long-distance relationships. However, this shortcoming can be compensated by having evenings in front of the TV. The common television and the conversation about the fictional characters is a kind of substitute for a common circle of friends.

How much television together is healthy?

And yet, of course, the fears and the bad reputation of the TV are not completely out of thin air. If a couple has nothing more to tell each other and this silence is filled in by RTL2 dialogues, the partnership is not a lucky star. We interviewed two couples on TV together and listened to how they do it with series in the evening. Of course we do not want to deprive you of that.

Two couples and their opinion on the subject television together

When we talked to Lisa and Max, it quickly became clear to us that they both like to do a lot. It's especially important to Lisa to make the most of the weekends by going out, meeting friends or just visiting parents.

Lisa: "So for me it's completely incomprehensible, if you sit around the weekend only at home. I mean, that's enough already during the week, is not it? So we do not feel like leaving after work. Clear then the TV is turned on. But on the weekend?"

Max: "No, it does not happen on the weekend."

Lisa: "Exactly. Personally, I am not the series watcher anyway. I do not know. I also like reading a book. But then at the weekend also to the cinema or something, so that's not possible. "

It looks quite different with Alina and Konrad. They have been in a relationship for several years now and enjoy the feeling of simply not having to do anything and spending time together in the living room.

Alina: "So that's nice, if you do something on the weekend. I also think we should do that a little more often. But honestly? I always have the feeling that when a couple is constantly on the go and never really comes to rest, they can not handle the other's presence. That somehow they can not stand themselves and their partner and do not know what to do with each other when they just sit together for two hours. And that's why they're busy all the time. "

Konrad: "Well, I honestly have to say that I really enjoy watching TV shows. Together with Alina. We then agree on what will be looked at next, and then I find that a good job. As long as there is something left to say and both are satisfied, is that clear, is it not? "

We see the theme of television together splits the nation. However, we at FlirtUniversity believe that a joint series evening does not necessarily predict the end of the relationship. However, it is important that both are happy with the situation of their relationship. If one of them wants more activities outside the home, that should of course be addressed.

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