You have to pay attention to this for your first time sex

You have to pay attention to this for your first time sex - for young and old

A little older and still a virgin? There was a special section on the subject for you at the bottom.

The first time sex is incredible. One is afraid and equally happy about it. You probably already saw some movies and are currently searching for the most important tips on the internet. I can reassure you, here you will find everything you need to know, so that your first time sex is not a total failure.

You should know that!

Although it often makes the impression that the teens have sex earlier and earlier, surveys show that the average for boys and girls has barely changed. Most teenagers still have their first sex between the ages of 16 and 17 years.

If you are in an age when many of your friends are beginning to talk about sex and one or the other friend claims to have had sex for the first time, then you should know that many teenagers at this age are also lying about to be interesting and to be especially cool in front of your friends.

Often, those who talk most about it are those who have not gained any experience at all. Most often, the teenagers have sex earlier, which is in a committed relationship.

So your first time sex is not a total failure

If you are about to have sex for the first time and are really excited now, then I have good news for you. You're not alone. Everyone was like this. That's the fear of the unknown, which you do not need to be ashamed of.

Unlike most girls, the boys often do not care so much that their first time sex turns into something special and must look as perfect as possible. With them, it's usually just about getting it over with.

But if you read this text here as a boy, then you should be very attentive now, because here you will learn what to look out for, so that your first time sex, especially for your girl to an unforgettable experience.

Girls are much more concerned about their first time sex than most guys. They often wish for the first time like in a teen movie. This includes the right place, the right mood, the right time and if possible the right music and of course you should both worry about prevention.

In reality, it often looks very different and many girls are afterwards extremely disappointed with their first time sex, because they have so much more imagined and the boy just did not worry at all.

Well, if you've read this far, then you seem to be someone who really wants to make an effort to give his girlfriend a great first time.

The right place

Where is your first sex going to take place, are you asking yourself now? Certainly not between the door and Angel, if your parents are just shopping for a short time. Instead, you should choose a place where the girl feels comfortable and safe.

Most likely, this is their own room, but depending on the living situation, your room could be better suited for it. In any case, you should both be undisturbed and not be interrupted spontaneously by mother, father or siblings.

The correct contraception

If you have planned your first time for a long time and now you have decided to do it, then you should also have talked about contraception. Either she can get the pill for the gynecologist or you can use the condom.

The two contraceptives do not offer 100% security, but especially in combination the security is extremely high and you do not have to worry about it afterwards.

The right mood

Creating the right mood is not as difficult as it sounds. To make your first time sex really special for you and your girlfriend, you can create the right mood with a few little things.

All you need are a few candles for a warm and romantic light. Happy even with a subtle scent. Maybe you've already noticed what your girlfriend likes best and you can orientate yourself.

Then it will not hurt if you have a 2 in 1 lubricant ready to use as a massage oil. But be careful because some lubricants are not compatible with condoms and can cause the condom ruptures.

To create the right mood now only one thing is missing. And that's the right music. If you are already together for a few days, you should already know what your girlfriend has for a musical taste. If not, then it will be high time for you to find out.

Do not try to make it too cheesy anyway. Because even if many girls are on romantic and completely exaggerated Liebesschnulzen, it looks in reality often quite different. For this reason, a little tip on the edge: do not overdo it.

What you should start with

In addition to all the precautions to create the right mood for both of you, you should already consider a few hygienic aspects before starting. For example, you should of course have thoroughly washed in advance, so you do not smell like sweat.

In addition, it is very important that you cut your fingernails neatly before your first sex, and then file smoothly until no more sharp corners and edges are felt. This is important so that you do not hurt your girlfriend when she fingers.

When it's time for you both to finally have sex together for the first time, try not to move on like a football striker. Take your time and start fingering them first (here are the best tips for fingering). Only when you realize that it is really wet, you should go on.

You do not even have to worry about getting too early or doing anything wrong. It is your first time, try to breathe more deeply through the abdomen and enjoy it. If you get a bit early due to the nervousness, then just go ahead with your fingers and as soon as you can, you just keep going.

If you follow the tips described above, step by step, nothing should stand in the way of an unforgettable first sex.

First time sex in old age

You're already in your mid-20s or even older and still have not had your first sex?

At some point comes a point in the life of a man, because it is really uncomfortable to still be a virgin. Now you can make it easy and go to any prostitute, but that does not really fix the problem.

While this is the first time that you have sex behind you, the problem of not getting to know a woman, let alone seducing, has not been resolved.

First of all, you should be aware that it is not bad at all and happens more often than you think. In our coachings, we regularly help absolute beginners, also in the field well over 30, to overcome fears and to find their dream woman so soon.

No matter what the age, preparation in the form of personal hygiene is just as important at every age as the right contraception. Especially in old age, in addition to the prevention of pregnancy and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is important.

If your first time sex is imminent, it makes sense that you talk to your partner in advance, so she knows and can help you, where possible. You too can prepare yourself in advance, for example by using breathing techniques for better self-control. If nervousness leads to premature ejaculation, or you simply should not get an erection, then you can continue to finger your partner and continue the lovemaking until you have calmed down a bit.

That way, you both have some of it and you do not need to worry about your partner being disappointed and running out, even if you do not have any sex this time around.

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