The love poem of our reader - "I look into my eyes"

The love poem "I look in eyes" by writer Andy

I look into her eyes and they sparkle at me, I see the light where no darkness can go, I feel the warmth in her, And no more noise in me, My senses become one strand, Out of light, love and sun song.

I look into her eyes, I see myself in you, The butterflies become a thousand of bees, She looks at me, And comes up, Suddenly I hold the elf in my arms, I fall into her and she is very warm.

My eyes are closed, my tongue is deaf, my ears are ringing, my nose is full of dust. And yet every cell perceives it, there is no danger from this being. Her heart is blazing, a blazing fire The beautiful pirate is taking the wheel from me.

I look into her eyes, I miss the words to describe her all the places she and I should discover, Where she and I should hide, Envy and resentment, for we return. Back to trust, because that's where luck is.

We look into each other's eyes, Not only I can not seem to believe how bright we shine in the here and now, a glow that shatters fears and doubts, so much love, security and happiness, everything came into being right now.

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