Getting to know each other at the first meeting: This is how you get closer and relaxed

8 brilliant tricks for a relaxed get-to-know

The first eye contact, rising nervousness and throbbing hearts. Actually, everyone has already experienced this moment in which one simply misses the words. How is it possible to address a stranger or score points on the first date without abdicating immediately? Empty phrases and dishes are certainly not one of them. There are indeed some safe flirting tips that will make getting acquainted a lot easier.

A study by the University of Iowa showed that men can hardly judge whether a woman cares. Scientists have provided photos of women to men to assess whether they are reluctant or interested. In return, even women are often wrong in the interpretation - this may be because there are enormous differences in facial expressions between the two sexes. Real joy shows, for example, the man not only in the smile, but also in the eyes.

Stay calm and relaxed

If you want to land with your counterpart today, you should know and appreciate yourself best. You do not have to be humorous, successful, strong and independent at the same time. One of the first secrets of success on the way to really get to know someone else is inner contentment and serenity.

Anyone who signals to the outside world that he is doggedly searching for a partner or a partner does not exude calmness or calmness. Without applying too much, you do not have to put your light in the shade. Sovereignty and naturalness is a first prerequisite to arouse in another interest.

Take a step back

The US psychologist Carin Perilloux has found in a study that many men overestimate their attraction. In a speed-dating experiment, men who found a woman particularly attractive assumed that they made a good impression.

Who signals real interest, should take back itself. It probably helped no one to fall into an inner monologue about the personal interests and strengths and not to pay attention to the reactions of others.

Staple deeply and do not wear your achievements on the tongue. Do not betray everything about yourself, because that does not make you more interesting. Bring the necessary lightness into a conversation and listen to the other actively. In a good mood, it's guaranteed to be a relaxed get-to-know, where nobody feels forced to do anything.

Discreetly go flattering

The first start-up message should at best reflect your character and your idiosyncrasies in order to arrive believably at the other party. Which sayings really suit you and create a real conversation start, you can find out in the test.

The best compliments come spontaneously from the heart. At this point, most commit momentous mistakes by grossly exaggerating to signal their sympathy. Even if women feel flattered and like to receive a compliment, this should be discreetly interspersed in a conversation.

Control facial expressions and gestures

Getting to know the wonder weapon is still our face with over 50 different muscles. We have thousands of different facial expressions to choose from, signaling the other:

I am happy, nervous, sad or bored. Play with getting to know each other and flirting with your face, then you prove flexibility. The smile is particularly popular. During the conversation you should always make eye contact and do not hold on tightly to the coffee mug.

Do not get too close to touch

Especially when you get to know each other for the first time, it is one of the worst mistakes when a man or woman penetrates into the comfort zone too much. The intimate zone of a human covers about 50 cm, it is important to pay attention from the beginning.

But even online, you should not get too close to a person. If you send too many messages to each other and visit the other's profile on a daily basis, you probably will not make it to a first date. A casual touch on the arm and recurring eye contact is more than enough for a start. In addition, you should read the reactions carefully and accept the desire for distance.

Smalltalk - never again embarrassing silence

Most of them dread the first moment when they both look at each other silently and look for the right words. Small talk should not be dismissed as meaningless and empty talk, because this loose conversation can do so much more.

You do not necessarily have to divulge too much of yourself or address difficult issues. You talk to each other without pursuing a goal. A relaxed and positive attitude secures the best entry into small talk - watch your surroundings and stay alert. Profitable topics are your interests, music, favorite food, profession and hobbies.

Now it gets serious - or not?

For many, the Smalltalk is the first spellbreaker. Here, intimacies have no place. Nevertheless, at some point talks go a little deeper. You should never from one to the other moment, a more in-depth issue and talk about your feelings.

Here it is necessary to take care of the matching connecting points with sensitivity. When the other person responds to your words and reacts to them, the other person is ready to engage in the conversation.

A round end - perfect flirt finish

The most beautiful conversation will come to its end, but it should never be too abrupt. If you want to make a really round ending, start with a few charming compliments and get back into the initial flirtation. At best, you exchange more contact details and soon follows the next flirt, which may result in more.

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