The duo Edelmeer in an interview - All information about the new single

In an interview with FlirtUniversity, Flirt University in an interview with Schlager duo EdelmeerTobias and Sabine talk about their new single, the genesis of their duo and their wishes for the future.

Flirt University: Hello Sabine and Tobias. Of course, the first time you hear about it, the name of your duo immediately falls away. How did you come up with the name Edelmeer and what does he mean for you? Or am I completely wrong and it is a family name?

Tobias: We wanted to make music that expresses a certain breadth and size - music that allows you to let go. So it quickly became clear that the name would contain something big, wide and almost infinite, like "heaven" or "sea".

The new single A flirt with you.

In addition, we feel somewhere between hit and pop at home and try to give our productions always a glamorous touch, whether in the music itself, in photos, videos or live performances. So we came at some point on "noble" and - voila - "Edelmeer" was born.

Flirt University: You two are not only professionally connected but also married. What are the advantages for you to work together with your partner?

Sabine: The biggest advantage for Tobias is that I can constantly take care of him and think for him (laughs). Otherwise he likes to forget his mobile phone, his glasses, his wallet or leaving the highway. But even the work itself makes it easier, because after all, you always have a partner at the side who has the same goal in mind and on whom you can rely.

Flirt University: How did you get to the music? Have you been independently interested in music, or has this evolved together?

Tobias: Both of us have been connected to the music independently since childhood. Of course, that used to be a hobby, today it almost dominates our lives. From today's point of view, it was funny that we got to know each other at the band "Tollhaus", with which we still perform today.

I myself was with the band a year earlier. When Bine came along and sang, I was against them at first and did not want them in the band. It almost came to a quarrel with the other band members. She became a band member and three years later we were married - a story that only writes about life (laughs).

The duo Sabine and Tobias.

Flirt University: Concerts, recordings, writing songs ... Is there enough time left to talk not only about work but also about private things?

Sabine: In fact, it is the case that you also talk a lot about the job in private life - after all, that's our purpose in life. If it gets too much, then I like to call for a break. We go out for a good meal, walk around the city or go to concerts - there must be time to enjoy!

Flirt University: What special events are there for you musically in 2016?

Tobias: First of all, today (30.9.) Our new single "Ein Date mit dir" will be released, which we were very happy about. Furthermore, we are currently participating in a band contest where live performances of us are streamed via the portal "whats live?" On the internet.

The next show will take place on 26.10. instead of. The DVD recording of one of our concerts is scheduled for November. In the meantime, we also play about fifteen performances with our band "Tollhaus". So it does not get boring.

Flirt University: You really have a lot to do before this year. Do you have any special requests that currently affect the music? Is there a particular event or country that you dream you can perform there soon?

Sabine: Since we really love our adopted home of Munich, it would be a great dream to perform in the Olympiahalle. Another goal in the foreseeable future would be to work on a whole Edelmeer album. And of course we want to be able to make music for a long time.

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