Charming Flirty Sayings - That's how you talk to great women!

Charming Flirty Sayings - You too can overcome yourself to appeal to great women! How it works?

You see a great woman, but do not dare to address her? You do not know the subject and ask yourself in which situations women want to be addressed? In this article you will learn everything about the topic!

Charming Flirting - Overcome anxiety

First of all, anxiety is normal and you do not have to be ashamed of it. For these fears in you are even evolutionarily conditioned. These come from the fact that even then the response in the worst case could lead to social exclusion. So you addressed the wrong or forgiven woman, this could have unpleasant consequences.

First, you should work on your self-confidence. Only those who love themselves and have enough self-confidence, can also start a conversation with beautiful women. Be aware that you can only get a rejection. Such scenarios usually only happen in your own head. You are not afraid of the great women, but of yourself. You must overcome yourself and work on your fear. The more often you overcome yourself, the better you will be able to handle this hurdle. For this you have to leave clearly your own comfort zone. Program yourself and your thoughts so that the response is perceived as a positive event.

How do I approach the woman?

How you ultimately approach women also depends on the situation in which you are currently. The most important thing is that you yourself remain and do not want to press anyone. Try to see the moment easily and play with your strengths. Ideally, you are looking for eye contact with the woman, because this is where the first signals are sent out.

Through the body language of the other, you can immediately see if there is interest. Of course, a smile invites you to speak. Be open, easy and friendly. As you approach a woman, you signal her intentions. Either she goes for it, or lets it be. If someone rejects you and gives you a basket, you must not despair immediately. Learn from the setbacks and try to deal with them better. No master has fallen from the sky yet.

Also, nice gestures, such as keeping doors or clearing a seat can be an outstanding introduction to a communication situation. Important: If a woman looks stressed or in a hurry, this is not an ideal moment for a relaxed conversation.

The radius

The radius describes the environment that surrounds you and you decide the size yourself. In general, when a woman steps into your radius, you clearly speak to her! The first step would be for the woman to enter your area and be within your radius. Then the second step follows ... the if-then relationship. When a woman steps into your radius, you speak to her! In everyday life, your radius extends around 15 meters. As soon as you are specifically looking for a Dating or just looking for a love adventure in the club (ie a conscious go out) your radius widens to 100 to 150 meters.

Charming Flirty Sayings - How do I start a conversation?

Overcoming a woman is an enormous challenge. But even the beginning of a conversation is not easy to master. The start of the conversation decides the entire subsequent course. It is especially important that you do not say anything exaggerated or kitschy, because that does not seem authentic.

Attack the situation that connects you two. Are you both waiting in line for your café or train? Perfect introduction. Of course a nice compliment is always a pleasure for the lady! But think carefully about what you want to say. This typical sayings has certainly heard a great woman 1, 000 times. Thus, this situation will be one of many and the woman will not remember you, let alone remember the moment.

Slime and intrusive spells are an absolute taboo. It's not just faked over, it can also be extremely annoying. Tell her that you have seen her from afar and found her sympathetic immediately. It is not advisable to reduce the woman's appearance. But if it's a nice compliment that does not make you seem completely superficial, it should be fine.

Make it clear that you wanted to address exactly this woman and perhaps even had to overcome it. Tell her that you would like to meet her so much and that you are very glad to have spoken to her. Because otherwise you would have regretted it in the end, not to have done it! If you want to start the conversation with a question immediately, do not formulate any unpleasant question! And if you start with one, you can not ask too many questions during the conversation!

Keep the conversation up!

Did you win the lady's attention and it can start the conversation? At the beginning it is easy to get in and get a little sniff. But whoever remains superficial and within the Smalltalk track will not leave a lasting impression. Do you want her to be positive about you? Try situational comedy to relax the moment.

As mentioned earlier, there should not be too many questions. And if you ask questions, they should be openly worded so that your interlocutor has to answer more than just "yes" and "no." The flow of conversation is therefore hard to stop. Let the woman also have a say, because no one can endure long-lasting silly strips. Listen to her attentively and express your interest.

Conversation breaks do not necessarily have to be seen as something negative. If you can think of any topic, you can still go back to what has been said. Of course, only positive topics should be discussed. If you pick up the negative, you probably will not succeed ...

How do I flirt correctly? Charming whisperings ...

As we have already stated, it is very important to include the situation and to start the conversation after it. Situational flirting is exactly right for this. Here you have to pick up the obvious. So you're talking about topics that you can perceive yourself without knowing the other person exactly. The most important thing is again that you appear safe and show what or who you desire. This does not have to be done in an obtrusive way.

Where can I address a great woman?

It does not matter where you want to address a great woman. As a rule, whenever you want! Whether in the park, in the university, at work, in the train or in the club. If you see that the woman is alone (so probably has no partner), she obviously has time and you like her sympathetically, you may also address her. As soon as the woman has no interest, she will quickly make that clear to you. Do not be sad or depressed. In the end, setbacks are sometimes part of it!

You can not speak to pretty women because you are very shy? And meanwhile you are terribly annoyed with yourself because you often see beautiful women and you can not move to look at them or address them? In a flirt coaching for men, our flirting trainers show you how to overcome your shyness and how you can easily attract women into your everyday life.

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