Blond or brown - What is better for men?

The myth that men stand on blondes holds tight

Blonde is the most desired color that can be dyed ladies in hairdressing salons. While some women lighten their hair only slightly with highlights for a beautiful blonde tone, others have to undergo a radical bleaching and thus change their entire type.

But where does he come from, the myth that men prefer blondes? Why is a typical sex symbol called a blonde with beautiful curves and a red pout à la Marilyn Monroe? And is there something in this myth?

Researchers have developed several theories favoring blondes

According to Miller, who works at Hokkaido University in Japan, and Kanazawa, who works at the London School of Economics and Political Science, it is clear that men prefer women with blond hair because blond personifies youth. Thanks to evolution, men still associate youth with fertility, making blond women particularly attractive sexual partners.

In addition, Miller and Kanazawa also come to the conclusion that there are certainly reasons why men stand on a slender waist and firm breasts. Firm breasts also remind the male sex of youth and thus of high fertility. A narrow waist suggests that the woman has not accumulated too much fat in her abdominal region that could interfere with a potential pregnancy.

The fact that the blonde color is reminiscent of youthfulness has the consequence that in men the protective instinct is awakened at the sight of a blonde woman. But another consequence is the consequence: Frequently, blondes are considered naive, sometimes even stupid.

Other researchers, however, assume that blondes are therefore in the lead on the popularity scale, because worldwide seen Blond is very rare and with the years will also occur less and less. And like everything that is rare, this is especially hot coveted.

What is more attractive, blond or brown? The guy does it!

Despite all research and myths, however, it can be stated in everyday life that brunette ladies do not necessarily run out of love empty-handed. Maybe the woman with the long, blond hair will be thrown more looks and maybe she is more often addressed by men. But by no means always are there serious intentions behind cheap start-ups.

Whether or not a woman finds her dream man to have a happy relationship with does not depend on her hair color, but on the characteristics of each and how well they work together.

And a little tip on the edge: Most women look best with their natural hair color. If, on the other hand, the dyed blond is very far removed from the actual hair color, this quickly becomes artificial and unnatural, which in turn also deters the men.

Our conclusion?

Dear ladies, walk around the way you feel best about yourself! Whether blond or brown! Do you feel more attractive and self-confident, if you let the hairdresser set bright accents, then do that! Are you absolutely in love with your platinum blonde and never want to return to your natural hair color, that's fine!

But please do not change your complete guy in the hope that you have better chances with men, because you have them too!

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