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Keynote Speaker Germany - What Does a Keynote Speaker Do? What tasks does he have? What is a Keynote Speaker needed for?

Only since the 90s has the term Keynote Speaker become common in the German language. The term refers to a lecturer who plays a particularly important role. Therefore, a keynote speaker is usually the one who considers the first lecture one day as a prelude to an important series of events.

How much does a Keynote Speaker cost?

Here we come to the sticking point. Really good keynote speakers pay for their work well and are booked months in advance.

If you are planning a really big event that absolutely must be a complete success, you have to look after your speaker early enough. At least € 2, 000 should be scheduled for a professional speaker, but the amount is of course open at the top. The better known and experienced he is, the higher the amount will be.

But why are the costs of good keynote speakers so high? Many people underestimate that such a lecture costs enormous preparation. The keynote speaker must first meet with the organizer to find out what awaits and hopes for him. The lecture itself also needs to be prepared.

This is first sent to the organizer in advance, so that he can watch him. Which in turn means that the speaker then has to revise the presentation again at some points. Afterwards, the speech will be practiced for several hours. The speaker himself also incurs costs because he has to go somewhere to the event and then wants to return to his home town. Maybe even an overnight stay is needed.

We see that while a keynote speaker may cost a lot, he also has a lot of preparation to make in advance, which in turn justifies the fees.

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