Am I really in love? What it means to be in love.

How do people know if they are really in love?

Often we do not even feel we are in love. We often think of him, we find him very attractive, but in love? No, that can not be, after all, we do not feel butterflies in our stomach. At the most a little crush. But is there any difference between love, falling in love and a little crush? And how can you tell if you've fallen in love over both ears?

Is he on me?

Am I in love?

Most of the time it happens when it suits us the least and we are determined to stay away from men. After all, we are fully engaged in the job and the apartment is not renovated by itself.

And while we are quite satisfied and leave the apartment in sunshine to buy new wallpaper, we see him. The pretty neighbor who lives above us. We've met a couple of times and each time we've found that he looks incredibly good. If he has a girlfriend? Nonsense. Why waste a thought on something like that?

And while we are re-wallpapering we see him again and again and have to grin. But how can you tell if we're really in love or if it's just a crush that will be over next week?

If we swarm for one person, we think of them more often. He likes us, we think he's attractive. We are happy when we meet him and could imagine meeting with him sometime. If we are heart over heels in love, we feel this mostly in our body. When we meet, we are terribly excited, our abdominal area is cramping and we feverishly try to show ourselves from our best side. Of course we also hope that he is also in love with us.

After being in love, love comes

Being in love is a beautiful feeling, especially when our feelings are reciprocated. We enjoy the tingling in the stomach and wish that nothing will ever change and that moment will last forever.

And falling in love with our bodies is an uncanny stress. Many hormones are released, while other hormones suddenly fall rapidly in the body. To stay in love forever, with tingling in the stomach included, would be anything but healthy for our body.

Therefore, our feelings go through different phases. At the beginning there is falling in love, later this is replaced by love. If we really love with all our hearts, we no longer feel the butterflies in our stomach. For that, however, deep trust, security and the feeling of finally having arrived.

However, not all couples make the leap between these two phases. Many people start to doubt their feelings when they fall in love and decide to split up.

I can not fall in love

Many men and women suffer from the problem that they can not fall in love. This is often because they put themselves under too much pressure. If you want to fall in love with hell, you have bad chances from the beginning. It makes sense, therefore, to detach from the desire a little, even if it is difficult.

But every time you meet a stranger, if you hope to fall asleep in bed in the evening, the possibility of this actually happening is vanishingly small. It makes more sense to try to enjoy life as it is. Understandable, nobody likes to be alone. But the more desperate you look, the harder you make yourself and the sooner men feel discouraged.

We also have to break away from our idea of ​​the perfect partner. The perfect partner without quirks does not exist. Of course it makes sense to get to know if the life goals are roughly the same and if the hobbies are similar. It makes little sense, however, to sort out too much right from the start, be it because of the appearance, the dialect or the profession. Because even so, we take the chance to fall in love again.

The feeling of being in love can still be felt

Sometimes it happens that we women meet with a man and he is totally in love with us someday. A nice feeling, right? But we can not always enjoy it. If we realize for ourselves that we no longer feel that we are deeply in friendship, we have a bad conscience, clarify the man about our missing feelings and break off the contact.

Of course, every woman has to decide for herself how we behave in this situation. The fact is, not every woman is in love immediately after the first or second date. It's only fair that we play with open cards and declare that he currently feels more for us than we do for him.

However, even in some people, the feeling of being in love only sets in after a few weeks, when they get to know the other person better and spend more time with her. Therefore, it makes sense not to break contact immediately after the first meeting, but to give yourself some time.

Nevertheless, no relationship should be established if we are sure that we are really not in love. However, missing butterflies should not be taken as a sign. However, if we feel that we meet with a good buddy who understands us very well, and besides, we do not want to be alone anymore, this is not fair to the man. Finally, we introduce ourselves as well as ourselves.

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