Am I in love? 13 signs from the flirting research that you are in love

Am I in love? That's how you find out!

We have 13 signs from Flirt Research for you to answer this question. So are you approaching you?

1. "She / he is something very special"

When you fall in love, you begin to think that the beloved person is unique. This thought is tied to the impossibility of feeling someone else's romantic passion for anyone else.

2. "She / he is perfect"

People who are truly in love tend to focus on the positive qualities of their loved one and simply overlook the negative ones. They also focus on trivial events and objects that make them think of their partner, so they day-dream in such small moments. (more)

3. "I am a wreck"

We all know that when you're in love, you often become emotionally and physiologically unstable. You jump between high spirits, euphoria, increased energy, insomnia, loss of appetite, tremor, rapid heartbeat and accelerated breathing, as well as fear, panic and the feeling of desperation when your relationship suffers even the slightest setback.

These mood swings are like those of a drug addict. To prove that people in love receive the image of their lover, the same regions are activated in the brain, as when drug addicts get a dose. Being in love is like a dependency.

4. "Overcoming this hurdle has brought us closer together"

If you overcome a hurdle together, then the romantic attraction intensifies. The release of dopamine seems to be responsible for this and welds us closer together.

5. "I'm crazy about her / him"

People in love say that, on average, they ponder more than 85% of their waking hours over their "love affair". This intrusive thinking is a form of obsessive behavior and is caused by high levels of serotonin in the brain.

6. "I wish we could be together all the time"

People in love usually show signs of emotional dependency in their relationship, especially seizure, jealousy, fear of rejection and fear of separation.

7. "I hope we stay together forever"

They also want a long emotional bond with their partner and are looking for ways to get closer and day-dream about their future together (more).

8. "I would do anything for her / him"

When you are in love, you feel extreme empathy for the loved one, so the pain is almost like your own, and you would sacrifice yourself for everything for that person (more).

9. "Would she / he like the outfit?"

If you fall in love, then all your daily routines are suddenly influenced by this person. You tend to re-prioritize and / or change your clothes, behavior, characteristics or values ​​to better suit your lover.

10. "Can we be exclusive?"

Those who truly feel deep sexual desire for their partner usually also have strong emotional attachments attached to it: the longing for sex is coupled with ownership, the desire for sexual exclusivity, and extreme jealousy when the partner is suspected of infidelity.

This ownership claim has evolved so that a person in love forces his or her partner to reject other possible partners so that the courtship is not interrupted until it has been received (more).

11. "It's not just sex"

Although the desire for sexual union is important for people in love, emotional union is more important. One study found that 64% of those in love (the same percentage for both genders) agreed with the statement "Sex is the most important part of my relationship with [my partner]".

12. "I feel out of control"

Researchers found that love-loving individuals said that their passion is involuntary and uncontrollable.

13. "The spark is gone"

Unfortunately we are not in love forever. It is an impermanent state that either develops into a long and reciprocal relationship or it does not work and the relationship diverges. If there are physical or social barriers preventing them from seeing the partner on a regular basis - such as in long-distance relationships - then the infatuation phase is usually longer than it otherwise would be.

We hope that you have been helped by our 13 signs and you now know if you are really in love. But do you have any problems getting to know or to date other people? Then confidently turn to our love experts who will gladly assist you in our coveted webinar or professional coaching. We look forward to hearing from you!

Source: Livescience

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