Am I pregnant - the signs that a pregnancy can be detected

The condom is torn and suddenly the period is gone.

Clear that now in the minds of the affected women the question "Am I pregnant" herumgeistert. Many women already feel that they are pregnant before holding the positive test. The reason for this in this case are the hormones that prepare the body after conception for the 9-month pregnancy.

At the same time, many women also feel a morning sickness and weight gain, although they are not pregnant. The symptoms may therefore also be manifest symptoms that are triggered by the excitement of being pregnant.

Am I pregnant? The following symptoms may be noticeable after fertilization

In many women, there is a brief spotting after implantation of the egg. Similar to the period, the woman can feel here a slight abdominal pain. Pulling or swelling of the breast is also a sign of pregnancy. The female breast gets bigger, the nipples can change their color.

The constant feeling of having to pee, know many pregnant women. This feeling of having to go to the toilet is caused by a hormone that relaxes the musculature in the abdominal area and thus also the bladder.

The morning sickness is popularly known as the typical symptom of pregnancy. However, this nausea does not necessarily occur in the morning, even the lunch or the late evening are possible. As soon as it is determined that you are regularly sick, even though you do not have a "stomach / intestine", you should think about a possible pregnancy.

This nausea is triggered by the sudden hormone change, which does not tolerate every woman well. Here is a small consolation: After a few weeks the nausea passes again. Also an increased dizziness may be the concomitant symptom of pregnancy.

The absence of the menstrual period is also a very clear indication, which indicates a pregnancy. Note, however, that many women still have their days at the beginning of their pregnancy.

The onset of menstruation does not necessarily mean that there is no pregnancy. First of all, even if the other listed symptoms occur, despite the period despite a pregnancy test should be made.

Am I pregnant - Only one test gives you reliable information

The only sure way to find out if you are pregnant is the pregnancy test. But this too can lead to an erroneous result due to errors in the application.

How is a pregnancy test used? Quite simply, with each test there is a small strip on the top, on which the woman urinates. How long to pee on the strip, is in the leaflet and may vary slightly from test to test.

It is important that the morning urine is used! This means that the test should be used immediately after getting up at the first use of the toilet. Because then the hormone concentration in the urine stream is highest. Instead, if the test is taken in the evening after the woman has already drunk several liters of water, the test may indicate a negative result, even though she is pregnant.

Is the pregnancy test right or should I do a second one?

Especially when the test shows a positive result, many women are very surprised and decide to make a second one for safety. This is not necessary. Once a test is positive, the woman is pregnant. This is also not an error. Because the test measures only a specific pregnancy hormone. If this is present in the urine, fertilization has taken place in any case.

It looks different, however, if the test is negative. If the user has made it too early (for example, 5 days after sex) or in the evening, instead of in the morning with the morning urine, it is possible that the concentration of the pregnancy hormone was still too weak to be displayed by the test.

We hold: If the test is positive, no second must be made. The user is definitely pregnant. If the test is negative, it may be an application error, then the second test shows a positive result.

You may be uncomfortable buying a pregnancy test. Especially younger women often have a problem here. However, this is the only way you can get a secure answer to how your life goes on. If you really do not dare, then inaugurate a friend or ask the boy you had sex with if he can buy the test for you.

Forget the pill, am I pregnant?

You have forgotten the pill and are afraid that you are pregnant? Then take a deep breath and calm down. Within the first 72 hours after sex, the pill can be taken afterwards. The sooner it's taken, the higher the chances it works. If a girl takes her within 24 hours of having sex, the chance is higher than if she waits until the 70th hour.

But just because the pill was forgotten does not necessarily mean that pregnancy is inevitable. Most women use the micropillus, which prevents pregnancy through two hormones. The woman is protected when she has taken these 7 days in a row.

This means: If the pill was forgotten after the pill break, ie the period, directly in the first week, and it has come to sexual intercourse, the pill should be taken afterwards. However, if the pill is forgotten during the second or third week of administration, the user does not need to worry about pregnancy as the pill has been taken for 7 days or more at a time. Nevertheless, the gynecologist should always be consulted again for safety.

If you are worried that you might be pregnant, we strongly advise you to take a test. If this is negative and you really want to be on the safe side, you can do a second four weeks after applying the first test.

If, contrary to expectations, one of the tests is positive, you must immediately call the gynecologist! If you do not have a firm gynecologist or the receptionist tells you that the next appointment will not be released for several months, or you do not even accept new patients, then tell them over the phone that you have determined that you are pregnant. Because pregnant women are always preferred and get an appointment directly, finally, it must be determined when the fertilization has taken place and if everything is OK.

The test is positive - who should I say it?

If you are still a minor and may still live at home, it is important that you talk with your parents about your situation. Hiding the pregnancy does not help you, because someday you will see it anyway.

Even if you find it difficult and you are afraid that you will get in trouble, please tell your parents what weighs on you right now. You will not be angry either, but be there for you and support you. If you talk about your situation together, you can also find the optimal solution for you.

If you want to keep the child, you will not fail to tell the expectant father. Tell him as soon as possible, preferably if you have already talked to your parents, so that he too can get used to the new situation. Hiding it would be unfair and will not give you any benefit. Also, if you may have split up in a fight or you are not actually in close contact with each other, you should initiate it. Because not only your life changes through the pregnancy, also his.

Pregnancy turns the world upside down. Maybe your test also showed a negative result and you can now breathe again. If that is not the case, we wish you much strength. Talk to the people closest to you.

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