Am I in love with him? What your tingling sensation really means!

You are strangely excited when he is near you?

Somehow, you feel very different lately. At first, you did not really notice. You woke up in the morning to judge you for the school and you were just damn good mood. When putting on make-up you give yourself a lot of trouble now that Markus has come to your class.

Your friends always talk about how they fell in love with a boy again. They secretly observe the swarm in the playground and seek an excuse to walk as close to him as possible and catch a glimpse at close range.

Your girlfriends have the jackpot, if the swarm is even in the same class and only one row in front of or behind them and they can easily talk to him, because he needs a pen or a new ink cartridge.

Markus liked you from the beginning. His brown hair falls into his face as he puts his head in his hands to read from the blackboard.

You've been raving about boys sometimes. Especially earlier for Leon in the parallel class. But what your friends are talking about because of love and so, you have not experienced. Leon looked good, yes, but you still can not understand the hype that your girls are always making with boys.

Am I in love with him? Yes, if you have butterflies in the abdominal area

The absolute clearest sign of great infatuation is the butterflies in the stomach, which everyone is talking about. How do you feel? If you think about him, it starts to tingle somehow. And when you see it, your entire stomach area contracts and you're so fucking excited.

Am I in love with him? Yes, if you keep thinking about him

Sure, we find that a certain boy looks very good, we often think of him. But who really is in love, experiences this to a completely different extent. Because then we think about nobody else. As soon as we are no longer focused on our maths homework, we again see his face in front of us. We lie in bed in the evening and think about him, get up in the morning with a grin and he's back in our heads.

And many other things will not matter to us at once, which unfortunately can have negative effects. Suddenly school grades are getting worse because we just can not concentrate anymore, or we're getting on our nerves because we can not talk about anyone else.

Am I in love with him? Yes, if you do anything to catch his eye

We do not just want to look good in front of our crush, no, we want to put a positive eye on him. Suddenly we stand in the morning in front of our wardrobe and are just completely dissatisfied with what is in it. Why do our friends look so stylish every day, while we kind of walk around in the usual way?

In the morning we suddenly discover a pimple on our forehead, we are not only annoyed about the pimple itself, but above all about the fact that he will see us with it.

And in general we are suddenly much more critical with our reflection: Too pale, too small, too wide a basin, a boring hair color. Suddenly we find thousands of things that we find disturbing and suddenly doubt that he would ever be interested in us.

Am I in love with him? Yes, if you monitor every step of the way

Of course, you often look at what pictures he uploads to Instagram. Well, often there is no expression. To be honest, several times a day. And every time you discover that there is a new image, your heart makes a little jump.

At school, you can not turn off your thoughts about him either. On the playground escapes your eagle eyes absolutely nothing! You know exactly with which people he always stands where and can usually even say for the entire week on which day he has eaten.

And of course, it does not escape you when talking to other girls. Ironically, the funny blonde who is one step above you. Immediately you feel how you become jealous. And you can not avoid comparing yourself with all the women he talks to. What could they have, what you do not have?

Am I in love with him? Yes, if you do not feel like going on vacation, but would rather see it at school

The best thing about school is and will be the holidays. Especially the summer holidays. Because these are the only ones where you can really switch off because you have no homework to do or right after a class work is pending, which always makes you feel guilty as soon as you sit in front of the TV instead of learning.

Of course you are looking forward to the holidays this time, even if it's only the Christmas holidays and you have to return after two weeks. But after all, you love Christmas and, above all, there is nothing better than your mom's tasty cookies. And yet: really just does not want to arise anticipation with you.

You will not see him for two whole weeks and you are wondering how to ever stand it.

Am I in love with him? Yes, if you keep imagining that you're kissing

Everybody has between through little daydreams. Daydreams in which we introduce ourselves to another place or think about which clothes we want to shop next. That your daydreams are determined only by him is logical.

And you always imagine what it would be like if you kissed.

Are all these situations familiar to you? The article describes exactly what's going on in your inner life? Then you're definitely in love with him and it's about time we thought about how to approach him and tell him what you feel for him.

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