Relationship problems due to minor issues

Relationship problems due to minor issues: The killer of every relationship

Anyone who has had a longer relationship knows that it is often not the big and obvious differences in the relationship that make this broken. On the contrary, they are the ones that make the relationship interesting. The absolute relationship killers are usually much more the little things that add up and then become a serious problem. By trivialities are meant behaviors that every single person shows. The little quirks that everyone has.

Relationship problems due to minor issues: In the household

Often the relationship problems arise because of little things where you spend most of your time, in your own home. Whether it is the dishes that you do not immediately put in the dishwasher after eating. The dirty laundry that you can lie around everywhere or just the toothpaste tube that you press at the wrong end.

Although these are not big or important construction sites, it is still things that annoy the partner in the long term and can lead to serious problems. For this reason, it is particularly important here to properly attune to each other and, where appropriate, to change one or the other habit consciously for the partner and take off.

If your partner seriously cares about your relationship, developing your relationship a little bit should not be a problem. Quarrels can just as well occur when it comes to weekly shopping. Which supermarket is it? Which products, by which brand do we buy? As banal as it sounds, there are couples quarreling over such trifles. This raises the question of whether the actual problems may resemble much.

Relationship problems due to minor issues: dispute over money

Another important issue in any relationship is how to handle money. If both partners have the same attitude towards money, be frugal or lavish, that's a great thing. Because with a different relationship to money, the dispute in a partnership is already pre-programmed. In the times of our grandparents, it was still easy, the man brought the money home and the wife got a monthly amount from which they could go shopping and treat themselves, the man has to pay the rent or pay off loans taken care of and that was the thing done.

Today it usually works differently. Husband and wife both go to work and are much more independent of each other. If both partners now have a common account, but one of them gives out all the money month after month for unimportant or gambled all the money in the casino, although the plan is to save for a larger purchase a dispute will sooner or later inevitable.

Here it is particularly important to coordinate with each other and to find a common ground.

Relationship problems due to trifles: jealousy

For some a sweet gesture that shows that you are important to the partner. For the others an absolute relationship killer in all respects. To some extent, jealousy can really be sweet, but not when it comes to morbid jealousy. Often, the jealous partner is aggressive and uncontrolled, even though he actually feels sad and hurt.

First, it should be clarified whether the jealousy is justified or whether it is an unfounded jealousy resulting from personal complexes. Perhaps one of the partners also behaves completely unconsciously in such a way that it triggers jealousy with the other partner. Another cause of jealousy may be that a partner in the relationship spends a lot of time with friends and hobbies, and the other part of the relationship feels greatly neglected.

Relationship problems due to minor issues: education

Everybody has got a different education and got different values. Accordingly, it can also quickly lead to disputes in the education of their own children. Not only in order to avoid disputes in the partnership, but also to prevent the child against you can play against each other, it is important to clarify all the important points on parenting in advance and talk together.

Relationship problems due to minor issues: creating problems in the world

The good thing about relationship problems because of trifles is that you can usually still get rid of them. We have now created a list of useful tips for you so that you do not have to end your relationship prematurely.

  • To be able to speak openly with each other: To effectively solve problems, you should talk to each other openly and constructively. Even if you do not like one or the other you should be able to accept it and therefore not be offended.
  • Find compromises: You have two different opinions in one thing? Then try to find a common denominator. Whether shopping or the next vacation, you will surely find something that you both like.
  • Take it with humor: Instead of worrying about every little thing, you should not put everything so on the gold scale and instead accept one or the other quirks with a wink.
  • Professional advice: Sometimes it can be very helpful to get a third outsider on board. This can be less emotional and much more objective to assess the situation and help further.
  • Create Budget: This allows you to record exactly who bought what when.
  • Jealousy fight together: Find the reasons for the jealousy, speak honestly with each other, so that the true problem comes to light.
  • Find and write common values
  • Do not give importance to unimportant things
  • Listen to other opinions
  • Which rules are especially important to you

You also have relationship problems and do not know any more? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you to guide your relationship in the right direction.

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