Solve relationship problems - why fight belongs to it!

Solve relationship problems - why fight belongs to it!

"From the beautiful moments lives the love of two people. But it only grows with the end of difficult times! "

Whether in a friendly, or in a love relationship, quarrels are simply part of it. Quarrels are something completely natural, because no one agrees on all topics. Why dispute belongs to when he is unhealthy for a relationship and why we should all be reconciled, we clarify here for you in this article!

Solving relationship problems - who can talk, is clearly in the advantage!

Only those who speak openly and honestly about their problems will be able to create difficulties in the relationship. The communication between the partners must be correct and definitely exist. Only those who want to understand the other, can be understood again.

If you talk to each other, because you want to solve relationship problems, do not just fall into an unpleasant tone and please respectfully deal with your interlocutor. Let him finish and listen carefully for small, maybe unimportant details. Only those who really want to have an adult conversation can make it possible. The efforts should of course come from both sides!

If your conversation partner degenerates, so that the communication situation escalates and the conversation goes in a different direction than you have imagined, so try to stay calm and do not get involved in the hysteria.

At least one should keep calm to find out about this difficult situation. Ask your partner what you think went wrong. Only then can it come to a successful recovery for the next time.

Another important aspect is that plain text must be spoken. If the partner asks you if it's okay for you, but you do not agree with it at all, then please tell it to your loved one. If you constantly hide criticisms and eat them into you, the anger accumulates enormously and it comes eventually to a violent emotional outburst.

Solve relationship problems - relationship as a give and take

To balance the partnership, compromises should be made. Because only through these can a relationship work permanently.

You have to give exactly as much as you want to take. You have to take what you can give back. If this relationship is in an imbalance, complicated conflicts are inevitable. Keep these facts in mind, because as soon as we forget in a partnership to give something banal for us as love, the relationship is often already on the verge or on the verge of being out.

So compromises should be made. However, there are unsolvable compromises that you simply can not come to terms with in a relationship. For example, when it comes to the desire to have a baby, or to marry.

A little bit of both is badly possible. If you suffer from such insoluble compromises, you must ask yourself if you want to give up your own dreams for the partnership. Is it worth it, or do you want to be happy in other ways?

Solving relationship problems - What to do if you digress from the topic?

It often happens that couples argue and argue until there is no end in sight. What they argue about in the end usually has nothing to do with the situation at the beginning. You digress from the subject and keep coming to other things that bother you on the partner and the one unbearable. New aspects are constantly being found to keep the discussion going.

Do not let both of them even come to the point that it is no longer about the actual topic. If you notice that you are getting off topic: 1. make the other person pronounce and 2. politely call the other's attention to the fact that it is a very different topic.

Once you find yourself in the vicious circle of organizing a competition of mutual accusations, it's hard to get out of it. Anyone who suddenly resorts to the distant past sees the end of the relationship often approaching. Everybody makes mistakes and then constantly pampers you, even though you cleared them months or even years ago, it's an unfair move.

Solve relationship problems - only among you!

A fatal mistake is to address problems in public in front of other people and to engage in quarrels. In no case address the anger in front of friends, or at the family party.

Seek a quiet place to talk about the problems. Nobody pulls anyone else into the situation and just does not seek confirmation from bystanders. You should not want to prove at any cost that you are right. That's a matter between you two and no one else. Allegations against others can embarrass the person concerned.

Solve relationship problems - why the reconciliation is the best after that!

Those who argue should reconcile themselves in a healthy relationship. Only those who really clarify conflict points and thus can leave them behind, will be able to tolerate each other properly. Reconciliations usually take their time, as do all the good things in life.

After problems have been raised, mistakes have been made and proposals for improvement have been made, the everlasting, mutual love should be confessed. Add compliments, or sweet remarks, to the dispute in order to create a positive energy.

Just make it clear that strife is part of any relationship and what luck you can have to reconcile with your partner. Beloved people in life should be really well held and after the reconciliation, the relationship sometimes even much better!

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