Relationship break what to do?

Relationship break what to do? - when it makes sense

The infamous relationship break or the so-called separation on time, is a serious incision for any relationship. For even if you have not finally parted, it means you are seriously considering a breakup. But when is a relationship break really useful?

First of all, you should be aware of why you consider the relationship break. Is it because you are only arguing? If so, where is the cause of your disputes? And is not it possible to clarify the issues? It is equally possible that you do not really talk to each other anymore and only live past each other, also here you have to find out the reasons for this behavior before you start the relationship break.

Relationship break what to do? - How long have you been together?

Whether a relationship break makes sense depends, among other things, on how long both of you are already having your relationship. Are you only a few months together and already thinking about taking a break from a relationship? Then you can probably assume that it will also result in a final separation. Maybe it's better that way, because if you have enough of each other after a relatively short time, so that you initiate the relationship break, the bond between you is probably not yet consolidated enough to bring you together again later.

Relationship break what to do? - set rules

If you have decided to really break the relationship, you should also consider rules for that period. Do you really want to have any contact at all during this time or maybe get in touch with each other once a week to know how the other person is dealing with the situation? Is it okay to have something with another person during the relationship break? And above all, it is important to specify the period of the relationship break exactly. If you do not do that, chances are the relationship will simply falter and you will not be able to log in like the Ghosting separation method.

It is important to address these rules for the relationship break, so that no one can be surprised and hurt by the behavior of the other. On the other hand, it can lead to a deterioration of the situation, because the one person feels ignored or even deceived.

Relationship break what to do? - The decision

You have both had time to realize what you want, and now it's time to decide if the relationship still makes sense to you or not. You should both have become really clear and at the latest now have a clarifying conversation in which you can be mercilessly honest with each other. Because the relationship break has brought nothing, if you just keep going as before. If that's the case, it probably will not take long and you're back to the same point as before. The result is an annoying on-off relationship. To avoid that, the honest conversation is inevitable.

Relationship break what to do? - Our opinion

Even if a break in relationship does not necessarily lead to a final relationship, this is very likely. Often the suggestion to start a relationship break already includes the thought of ending the relationship, but is a much gentler way to initiate the end. At the same time, it is not as cowardly as the Ghosting, where you just do not answer. For this reason, the ruthless honest conversation can already be introduced to this point, because then both know at last, why the relationship is heading straight towards the end station and you can already think about whether one is willing to change anything about it.

You are currently in a relationship break, but know exactly that you do not want to continue the relationship and learn how you can lead the next relationship better? Then get in touch with our flirt coaches and learn from them how you will get to know the right partner for you in the future.

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