Relationship counseling: 4 signs that a relationship has long-term potential

Does your partnership have long-term potential?

Do not we all want a relationship that has long-term potential? A partnership where we stay together for a long and happy time?

We have a total of 4 signs for you that a relationship really has exactly this long-term potential. Have fun while reading!

1. You like the extreme features of the other. "Opposites attract, " it is said in the vernacular. And yet, in everyday life, we are more likely to look for people who are similar to us, rather than persons, from whom we differ in many ways. Of course it can sometimes be observed that in a couple one part is very calm and relaxed, while the other is talking a lot, very extroverted and extremely lively. In a case like this, the two very different traits are the same.

But couples who in many ways have completely different views, whose interests are miles apart, and the fundamentally different ticks, hardly exist. This is simply explained by the fact that people who are extremely different usually feel that they are not on the same wavelength and therefore can not find each other.

There is potential for a long-term relationship, especially if we are similar in many respects to our partner, but we also love the traits that can sometimes be difficult. If we accept him fully, even with his stigma and "mistakes". If we know how he reacts in which situation and does not upset us about his behavior, but just laugh, shake his head and take it with humor.

2. Your partner is warm, trustworthy and reliable.

Everyone has different priorities, what qualities he wants to have in a partner. For some, social status is more important than appearance, for others it is just the opposite.

Regardless of these different ideals and priorities, almost everyone wants a partner who is reliable and honest.

If we can blindly trust our partner, we can at the same time allow the other much more freedom in the partnership. We often recognize how our partner really works in dealing with others. How does he or she deal with the craftsman who was called? Does he offer coffee and water, or does he eat angrily and let the frustration over the broken device at the craftsman?

How does the other react when we sit in a café and we have to wait an awfully long time? Does he alert the waitress friendly, or does he think it necessary to make a condescending comment?

And how does the partner deal with his friends? He often does not keep his promises or says to meet at short notice and is therefore rather unreliable? Or is it always there for the people who are important to him, and takes time for them?

In dealing with ourselves, the partner will try very hard at the beginning and hide his quirks. But when dealing with other people, it is easy to see how he or she is really ticking.

By the way, reliability and serenity suggest that the one with himself and his life is at peace.

3. You correspond to a similar "status"

The secretary who marries her boss, the head doctor who falls in love with a nurse: Is this really, or is it rather the actions of Hollywood movies? In the past, it has been quite common for men in high positions to marry women in low positions. However, this was simply because women have only been able to make a career for a few years.

And yet, it turns out: In earlier times, people from a classroom were married accordingly. A wedding between a noblewoman and a bourgeois man? Unthinkable!

Even strangers can usually assess the status or the desire of the other. At the same time, everyone has a rough idea of ​​their own status. We can assess how attractive or unappealing we look and at the same time we know how high our profession is viewed.

Many people are subconsciously looking for a partner who has a similar status, both externally and professionally. This explains why academics often marry academics, or that particularly wealthy people also partner with a wealthy person. Of course, this is also due to the fact that the professional status decides in which circles we travel and what kind of people we mainly get to know.

In a relationship problems can arise when the partners have a very different "status". Despite emancipation, many men still find it hard to accept when the woman earns more than he does (even if they would not admit this). They feel deprived of their masculinity and their role as providers.

At the same time, it can be difficult for both partners to belong to different educational backgrounds. Quick can then be in the person who, for example, "only" a secondary school graduation feel the better educated partner from the top down to be treated.

However, this does not mean that relationships of this kind can not work. They only help in some situations to make discussions faster.

4. Your partner helps you to feel good.

In happy relationships with long-term potential, people tend to see their romantic partners a bit more positive than themselves. If you are seen with this mild (not exaggerated) more positive view, then that also has a positive effect on the relationship. Knowing that we have a partner at our side who is always there for you, who always stands behind us, defends us from others and always supports us, however daring and crazy the project may be, gives us new strength and strength,

It becomes difficult when the partner is more likely to make us feel bad ourselves. If he declares to others that we can not cook and he has to do it himself, that we do not have any manual skills and that would stick to him, or even tell us that we do not actually correspond to his favorite optical type. If he encourages us instead of encouraging us (for example, because we were fired and are now writing applications), he does not help us, just explaining that our resume will be difficult.

In the long term, this will cause the partner to pull us down, lower our self-esteem and generally make the mood more stressful.

The case should be exactly the opposite! A partnership should not make us unhappy, but should help us to finally arrive and feel secure.

4 signs for your long-term potential

Of course, these 4 signs are principles of relationship counseling that can not be translated 1 to 1 to any relationship. But if your relationship covers these 4 points, then you can assume that it has a long-term potential and you are happy with each other.

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Source: psychologytoday


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