Relationship anxiety - why many people do not form a strong bond

Relationship anxiety in a phenomenon that continues to spread

We live in a generation where it seems almost impossible to have a solid partnership. We want to enjoy our freedom, not to be restricted and at the same time yearn for love.

If the pink clouds disappear and a storm comes up, we are not ready to put on a heavy jacket, open the umbrella and walk through the storm together. Instead, we sit separately in our cars and drive to another place where the sun is shining. Until the weather changes, we expect trouble and we flee again. Over and over again.

Generation Y is said to be unable to relate. As a generation that travels from friendship plus to friendship plus, falls in love and in the end still or just because of burgeoning feelings, the tents breaks off.

The demands on the relationship have increased

Of course we still long for the great love today. But our demands on the partner have increased enormously. Mostly we get out of a relationship much too soon to ever experience what true love feels like at all.

The partner should be perfect. Please with the same hobbies as us. She should have the same political attitude, be pretty, intelligent of course, well educated and have a well-placed job.

Thanks to Tinder and Co., there seem to be a huge number of fledged singles who are just waiting for us to break out of our unfortunate relationship. And we ourselves are getting the image almost everywhere and at any time that there are so many single people that somewhere a person has to exist that fits us even better.

Even people with a fear of relationships long for firm commitment

And so it happens that we move from partner to partner, or from affair to affair, with the end result that we are never really happy. That it is again not the hoped soul mate. That we were disappointed again.

Every disappointment helps make people more cautious. After a painful separation, he waits the next time to see if he can truly trust the other person and whether he risks opening his heart and becoming vulnerable.

Love can hurt, everyone has experienced that at least once in their lives. It's a normal process that makes us more cautious. But people who call themselves unable to relate due to bad experiences and disappointments, and who justify this with fear of relationships, do not value themselves correctly.

Man is a social being. He has the need from birth to get in contact with other people and enter into strong bonds.

Relationship anxiety is the fear of disappointment

Anyone who meets people who declare themselves to be afraid of relationship (in order to justify themselves in this way to their environment for, for example, affairs) has found a person who is deeply insecure.

To enter into a relationship is something wonderful, yet it always requires courage and willingness to be restricted to a certain extent. All of a sudden, all freedoms can no longer be fully lived out. All of a sudden the lover feels jealousy, insecurity, fear of the future in some situations.

What if we commit ourselves to realize after a few years that we made the wrong decision?

Only those who get involved in love can experience love

To open oneself to love means to show oneself from its weak, vulnerable side. Those who fully engage with another person, open their heart to this person and reveal their feelings, are vulnerable.

But only those who dare to take this step will one day experience true love. Only those who are willing to embrace a partner and no longer look for something better will know what it feels like when the love affair becomes love and that love grows with each stroke of fate and makes the couple even stronger,

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